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Google is losing it
  • You are taking all my words way too strictly as to what I intended :)

    It was more along the line : Me, a computer user, up until now, I could (more or less) expect the tool (software/website) I use in a relative consistant maner (be it reproducing a crash following some actions). Doing the same thing twice would (mostly) get me the same result/behaviour. For instance, an Excel feature applied on a given data should behave the same next time I show it to a friend. Or I found a result on Google by typing a given query, I hopefully will find that website again easily enough with that same query (even though it might have ranked up or down a little).

    It's not strictly "reliable, predictable, idempotent", but consistent enough that people (users) will say it is.

    But with those tools (ie: chatGPT), you get an answer, but are unable to get back that initial answer with the same initial query, and it basically makes it impossible to get that same* output because you have no hand on the seed.

    The random generator is a bit streached, you expect it to be different, it's by design. As a user, you expect the LLM to give you the correct answer, but it's actually never the same* answer.

    *and here I mean same as "it might be worded differently, but the meaning is close to similar as previous answer". Just like if you ask a question twice to someone, he won't use the exact same wording, but will essentially says the same thing. Which is something those tools (or rather "end users services") do not give me. Which is what I wanted to point out in much fewer words :)

  • Ubuntu is a fork of unstable Debian packages

    And where do you think debian stable packages come from exactly ?...

    it's basicaly the exact same thing. In both case :

    • At some point freeze unstable (snapshot unstable in case of ubuntu),
    • fix bugs found in the frozen set of packages,
    • release as stable.
  • What're some of the dumbest things you've done to yourself in Linux?
  • I tried to convert Debian to Ubuntu by replacing the Debian repos in apt with Ubuntu’s and following with dist-upgrade

    Shouldn't it work though ? Or be close to work with the appropriate options passed down to dpkg

  • What're some of the dumbest things you've done to yourself in Linux?
  • It doesn't work with root disabled.

    The way to fix this is to boot in bash recovery where you land a root shell. From there you can hopefully apt install sudo if deb file is still in cache. If not, you have to make network function without systemd for apt install to work. Or, you can get sudo deb file and all missing dependencies from usb stick and apt install them from fs. Or just enable root, give it a password and reboot so you can su - and apt install sudo

  • What're some of the dumbest things you've done to yourself in Linux?
    • apt something that ended up removing sudo. No more admin rights.
    • used rsync to backup pretty much everything in / , with remove source option...
    • find with -delete option miss positioned. It deleted stuff before finding matching pattern
    • chown / chmod on /bin and/or /usr/bin
    • Removed everything in /etc
  • Windows vs Linux
  • Holly shit, after looking things up it's even worse than I thought...

    Playing Valorant will need to enable TPM 2.0 and secure boot under windows 11 OS, you have to check that your motherboard is support TPM 2.0 system. (NOTE: If your system unable to support TPM2. 0, the only way that you can play Valorant is change your windows to older version as windows 10.)

    Damn, Riot effectively turning PC into console...