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Controversial Chick-fil-A Summer Camp Charges Kids $35 To Work At The Restaurant
  • 5-12 year olds getting to see how one of their favorite nugget providers do what they do, and they get nuggets and ice cream while they see it.

    I think there's a lot of really fucked up things with chic-fil-a specifically, but this just doesn't seem like one for me. I can see kids loving this, though I wouldn't send mine because i'm sure there's mandatory group prayer or some other bullshit I wouldn't be ok with.

  • Ikea’s CEO has solved the Swedish retailer’s global ‘unhappy worker’ crisis by raising salaries, introducing flexible working and subsidizing childcare
  • the "anonymous" surveys everyone knows are totally trustworthy.

    management and HR will swear up and down they are anonymous. Even on web forums... but the reality is you get a really obvious idea of who said what on what teams because management band together to figure out who would have said something based on their attitude, opinions and perspective.

    You can and will be singled out by management for saying negative things. Managers will be required to address the criticism... by choosing strategies behind closed doors, perhaps after having a "group discussion" where they report what they want their boss to hear to their boss, and then tell said boss what the plan is to change to address things is later. It will not be a change that affects the leader except to show they did something worthy of a performance bonus or a promotion though.

    All results that ask for more pay are basically ignored. They know why the departments with high turnover have high turnover. It's a decision to keep those workers paid less because there's no value to paying them more. Usually the highest turnover roles are treated like commodities. Sales person with strong ethics? Fired! Sales person caught doing illegal stuff to get sales? Fired! Sales person who gets away with selling doctors on drugs for unapproved indications? Big bonuses!

    The moment the bosses and the owner decided they wanted to get paid more than the workers was the moment any sense of equity vanished.

  • 54% of young Americans say food costs are the biggest strain on their finances
  • What do you mean by independent young adult. Is that even possible to be any more?


    I was born into a poor family, single mom with mental illness. I never had air conditioning, we spent many years without a hot water heater lugging water boiled on the stove into a bath tub to wash up. My family drove beaters. Moved out at 14. Dropped out of high school. Spent a few years figuring out my shit. Got an associates at 25 at a community college. Got a job in IT support making 50k... ten years later at 100kish.

    Today the same thing can happen but entry level pay is 10-15k higher. Renting just a room is still doable on that entry level pay. Community college costs are still effectively 0 if you have 0 expected family contribution. I did work retail while I was in community college part time, offsetting cost of living expenses only. Avoid education loans at all costs imo, you can't declare bankruptcy and dump them if the worst case scenario happens and a degree is not a guaranteed job.

    I never gambled health, safety or finances. I didn't do drugs or get involved in something that could fuck my life too hard. I never spent a dollar I didn't have in the bank unless it was absolutely necessary and still live that way because I grew up knowing how valuable money is, and how much it sucks when you don't have it.

    Nowadays even around Boston on public transit lines (no car expense) you can find a studio apartment for 1500/mo with nothing included. Once you're making 60k you can squeak by living alone. You can instead save probably 1k by having roommates/a girlfriend and splitting bills. After five years and two job changes you're gonna be able to bank a lot more money than you'd think.

    People want it to be easy to live a high quality lifestyle but it just doesn't work that way. Most people had parents struggling when they were growing up but they still managed to make it. If you get a bachelors degree in a higher quality major like analytics you can make way more money than I do.

    One big mistake early and you're fucked though. Babies, major health accidents, lack of dental maintenance all can hose you for a huge portion of your life. If you choose to live near family far away from jobs and opportunities you're fucked. I have a ton of friends with child support payments that eat most of their take home pay.

  • 54% of young Americans say food costs are the biggest strain on their finances
  • Considering only 30% of the people in this survey from ages 18-34 are working full time, i'm going to go ahead and say this isn't an accurate representation of independent young adults.

    26% are in school and 16% are unemployed for a total of 42% not really making money / are using loans for housing or are living at home.

    28% are working part time and are unlikely to be living on their own - it's rare to find a part time gig that can afford housing.

    So 22% think housing is the highest cost issue... and only 30% are employed full time... sounds about right to me! I'm guessing it's not 30% because those 8% got mortgages during the 4% or lower interest rate era.

  • "PSN isn't supported in my country. What do I do?" Arrowhead CEO: "I don't know"
  • Make Sony continue to pour money into the servers

    I work in IT. I can pretty much guarantee that server load for a game like this is nonexistent from a cost perspective. They're not going to be using cloud services, they're going to privately host because it's way cheaper. Early days playercount woes were before they added more nodes to their solution. Whatever cost they had for servers is already paid. Electricity and facilities costs are whatever because they are paying it anyway. They can't just fire the people maintaining their solution either but that's also baby bucks compared to the money spent building this thing or marketing it.

    Gaming protests of popular games never work unless the objective doesn't alter the bottom line.

  • The price increase of Disney+ over the past 4 years
  • I pay for a single netflix sub, crunchyroll, and a vpn service.

    After netflix announced ads i've been more and more considering dumping them and just focusing on that vpn service. I have paid for years and years of streaming services but I can't possibly comprehend how prices need to go up again and again, almost always by double digit percentage points. The cost of storage and bandwidth goes down over time, servers get cheaper over time... there's hardly any first party new media that is worth watching so i'm struggling to understand why i'm paying more.

    The most bizarre thing to me though are people who pay for live TV... why in the world would you ever do that in 2024 with all the better options out there?

  • Ukraine war: Kyiv uses longer-range US missiles for first time
  • even India and China is getting behind sanctions.

    Today this article popped up about sanctioning china because they are supplying russian arms manufacturers with resources:

    A quick google search pulls up dozens of articles about how China is helping the Russian war effort...

    India however doesn't supply arms, but instead buys them from Russia. Instead India is buying Russia's oil, funding their war effort in another way. India is buying 13x the amount of oil they would normally buy from Russia pre-war.

    I don't see China truly reducing their war supplies to China, nor do I see India calling off their oil deal. Unless Russia is actually cut off they're just going to keep getting supplies.

  • Tesla driver was using Autopilot before fatal Monroe crash, police say
  • Same deal almost everywhere... but firsthand experience is that a significant portion of all drivers have their phone out.

    Would love to see some proportional crash rates of autopilot use vs not autopilot use too. People focus on things like crash totals or death totals. 17 deaths is a tragedy to be sure.

    That being said when the US has over 40,000 auto deaths per year... and this article is telling me only 17 deaths are in any way involved with Autopilot since 2019... I really wonder why this is somehow more outrageous than the ~240,913 other vehicle deaths in the US since 2019. Given that Tesla is about 5% of all autos in the US, I would expect tesla deaths to be about 12,000 deaths in that period, or 5%.

    Are so few people using autopilot? Shouldn't the autopilot death toll be something closer to the 2000 deaths per year one would expect statistically from Tesla Drivers?

    Is autopilot much safer than human drivers? Is it more dangerous?

    Is Autopilot + Attentive safer than just attentive?

    Is the 40k deaths per year not something that should be considered simply because people stop thinking of so many deaths as a tragedy and just think of it as a statistic?

    Is the outrage and focus on car self driving just an extension of human phobia of technology and articles allow for people to have anecdotal confirmation bias?

  • Tesla driver was using Autopilot before fatal Monroe crash, police say
  • If you try using adaptive cruise control and lane assist functions as a method to keep your hands off the wheel you're going to be in for a bad time.

    I'm sure it's not all cars, but all the ones i've been in over the past 10 years generally only jerk you back to the middle of the lane. They don't adapt well if you're cut off suddenly at high speeds either.