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Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • Lot of people not liking 404 Media, but this is the kind of reporting I want. Point out what's going wrong. Bring it to a conversation without a lot of skew. Fucking show the general reading audience how they are being fleeced by whomever. Didn't Vice do this at one point?

  • I'm sorry I tried....
  • Go to the Nvidia Driver Support page, put in your model, and run the binary installer version it points you to. It should handle everything for you, or output an error if your card is no longer supported.

    You can also give the Nouveau driver a shot, but it can be somewhat problematic.

  • How the heck am I supposed to get into Linux?
  • If you're fine using what you're using, you don't need to switch. If not, then go ahead and do it. It's just software, friend.

    A general rule of thumb when dealing with technical advice on the Internet: if anyone is super opinionated about software, and doesn't back it up with logical reasons as to why, ignore them.

    In your specific case of being confused, it sounds like you just need to try it out for yourself with LiveCDs. Distros don't matter until you find something about one you don't like, and then you can just address that.

    For your other points:

    • AMD will be EASIER on Linux vs Nvidia, that's just a fact. Performance is about your hardware.
    • Absolutely nothing wrong with dual booting, it's personal preference
    • If you're just wanting a Linux desktop, sure, it's easy. You don't even need to touch the CLI unless you really want to. It's just a desktop.
    • Most things will certainly work out of the box, but newer hardware will be the exception. Run a LiveCD to see if everything works, and you're golden.
  • Majority of Americans wrongly believe US is in recession – and most blame Biden
  • Polling isn't going to change people's minds about it FEELING like a recession. It certainly feels like anyone who owns or controls any sort of economic production is on a cash-grab bender, jacking up prices on absolutely everything, and finding new ways to exploit the populace while the getting is good. People can't afford the basic staples of life. It FEELS pretty dire.

  • I'm sorry I tried....
  • I think the issue might be that Nvidia just doesn't support that chipset on the latest drivers. They whacked all the mobile chipsets about a year ago, so all the GeForce mobile stuff doesn't work on latest releases. You'll probably be stuck at a lesser point release for actual desktop-driving stuff, but things like Proton won't be able to work with it anymore as they advance.

    This is more about the DirectX interaction with the abstraction layers though.

  • Ars Technica reports Microsoft will add AI to Windows, to steal your corporate secrets
  • 'Swordfish'. I don't even know what in the hell that movie was supposed to be, but it was basically Hugh Jackman as Wolverine as "Hacker", but just filled with ridiculous nonsense.

    Great episode of 'How Did This Get Made' going over it. Worth a listen.

  • Ars Technica reports Microsoft will add AI to Windows, to steal your corporate secrets
  • This sounds a LOT like the plot of a terrible 90's movie that was thinly veiled to portray MS as a mini-surveillance state, with some murder thrown in. I'll try and find it.

    Edit: Released in 2001, it was 'Antitrust'. I remember it being bad, but not good-bad like 'Hackers'

  • New evidence found for Planet 9

    A small team of planetary scientists from the California Institute of Technology, Université Côte d'Azur and Southwest Research Institute reports possible new evidence of Planet 9. They have published their paper on the arXiv preprint server, and it has been accepted for publication in ...

    New evidence found for Planet 9

    Overall, probably a positive thing as the improvements made here will flow downstream. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the performance of these new Qualcomm chips in laptops.

    Assist, wildcards, and Dynamic Intents.

    Let me just give the simplest explanation of my intended outcome here: I want to use Assist to speak "Play {Album} by {Artist} in {Room name}", and have it "just work".

    The Speech to text triggers aren't an issue, but the Intents are. Checking the built-in Intents has been of no use. The custom sentence docs only really handle the first part of the equation.

    So say I want to work this out with a local NAS mount where everything is categorized as Artist/Album in the directory structure, does anyone have any pointers or links that may be helpful?

    3 Mike Johnson’s Wife Takes Down Website That Compared Being Gay To Bestiality, Incest

    HuffPost first reported on Kelly Johnson's counseling service that likens LGBTQ+ people to people who have sex with animals and family members.

    Mike Johnson’s Wife Takes Down Website That Compared Being Gay To Bestiality, Incest
    Is the AMD Phoenix power draw really just THAT bad right now?

    Tldr; Have tested multiple different Ryzen 7000 configurations on various kernels, and the power draw just seems really bad.

    Been looking for a decent new laptop workstation that fits various tasks. Phoenix chips check a lot of the boxes that I want, but the power draw on Linux for these chips seems a bit...crazy.

    The product docs say these chips are 35W-45W, but I figured that was just the range of maximums. What I'm seeing on fresh installs of various Debian variants is a CONSTANT power draw of at least 35W on the low end at all times. I've stepped kernel point releases from 6.0 to 6.6 to test out, and the later versions are definitely better at using a bit less power thanks to the amd_pstate_epp being included directly in the kernel, but this power draw is still there for the CPU package on idle.

    A few different laptop models I've tested will only get 90 mins on battery because of this. I've now tried four different models from three different manufacturers, and all show the same type of power draw.

    Is this just a "thing" with these chips? I understand they were modified from desktop to be a more mobile platform, but this is just terrible from an end-user perspective. I want the CPU and iGPU, and hell, even the FPGA XDNA thingie, but not when the machine can't run off of AC.

    Mother Of All Hangovers
    Ryzen 7840HS stability issues?

    I've got a new 7840HS laptop, and have noticed some stability issues with games on Steam under Proton that run fine on my desktop with a 5700xt. I know the 7840 line is pretty new and not a lot out in the world yet, but has anyone noticed similar issues?

    Movie News and Discussion just_another_person
    Well shot, but horrible movies?

    Looking for examples of well shot, but horrible movies.

    Prometheus is a good example. Beautifully shot, excellent cast, amazing effects...TERRIBLE MOVIE. I tried rewatching it, and am just in awe of horribly written it is. Theres a new plot hole introduced almost every time someone speaks.

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