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The Delusion of Advanced Plastics Recycling
  • In Europe, they do a much better job at recycling, because they drive home the importance of sorting the material you recycle yourself. There are multiple bins for different types of recyclable materials, whereas in the US it all goes into a big blue bin. Glass, tin, aluminum, paper, and every kind of plastic, all in one bin. Conventional recycling, that involves shredding the plastic into pellets, and then reforming them into a usable container, is 55-85% effective.

    I feel like all we really need to do is advance recycling at the community level, with different bins. Subsidize mechanical recycling while regulating/limiting use of new plastic in packaging. If your product needs plastic packaging in order to ship, then a regulation should require that packaging be at least a certain percentage recycled. Additionally, they can enact rules around the right to repair your own devices, that could pave the way for legislation aimed at curbing "planned obsolescence" and the production of single-use electric devices like vape pens.

  • Vegan Firefighter Loses Groundbreaking Discrimination Case
  • When I was in medical school, I had my lab scheduled before lunch time. Which meant that I went straight from dissecting people, to eating. I'd get a big salad, and asked the cafeteria workers to heat up the slices of chicken breast I'd get on the salad. They didn't like that I asked for it heated up, because it was extra work for them. But after they told me they wouldn't do it anymore, I said "man, I was just dissecting a person, and this chicken is just way too similar looking to human for me to eat cold, ya feel me?" They ended up heating my chicken.

  • The world is running out of soldiers
  • When I was a kid, I was invited to a middle school dance by a girl in my neighborhood. I wasn't into her, but I said yes to be nice. Took her to get food, then to the dance. It was at her school, so I didn't know ANYONE there. Got there, asked her to dance, and in her exuberance, she accidentally bumped behinds with another girl dancing nearby. Well, you would've thought that my date had snatched her weave and spat in her face with how this girl reacted. She started yelling, pushing my date, and eventually called over a group of guys to beat me up. Suddenly I'm surrounded by 5 guys all at least a head taller than me. I'm still proud of my response.

    I started talking to the lead guy, who was towering over me, told him we were dancing, that my date accidentally bumped his date. I said "I'm not mad, you're not mad, we've never even seen each other before. These two women we're with? THEY'RE the ones who are mad. They want somebody to fight, so let THEM do it! I don't give a shit about any of this!"

    He looked at me, looked at his girl (who was now much quieter), nodded his head, and walked off.

    I react similarly to wars my country's government starts. "Oh, you guys are big mad and want somebody to fight them? Ok, here's a weapon, have at it!"

  • Church of Scientology ignored woman’s ‘very real psychosis,’ stopped her from receiving mental health care before suicide, lawsuit claims
  • Wow, a nice quack "doctor" prescribed her the fucking horse de-wormer ivermectin for her depression, while other scientologists suggested she "drop her body" (a nice way to say kill yourself, so your soul can go inhabit another body). Just another in a long line of casual cruel murders this cult is responsible for. I hope this mother goes the distance, and I hope whatever judge is sat on this case has a titanium spine, because these murderers that enslave their peers deserve to rot in prison before they rot in hell.

  • Beaten by cops, this man is skeptical of police reform in Minneapolis
  • Wow, seems like it was really more of luck that he's not dead or behind bars. Luck that a good cop was there to stop his team from beating Stallings to death or just shooting him, luck that his jury trial immediately followed the conviction of derek chauvin, luck that he was able to convince a jury of his innocence. That's what this article feels like. It should be a case of "see, the system works!" but instead it just feels like he somehow slipped through the cracks of what is usually a death sentence for black men.

  • Greek coastguard threw migrants overboard to their deaths, witnesses say
  • Wow. The video of the Greek official, denying everything during the official interview (whilst seeing video of a migrant woman and her child, forced onto a boat by armed men, who were then left in a dinghy to float towards Turkey), then caught with a hot mic during the break, talking to a colleague, saying:

    "I haven't told them much, right? It's very clear, isn't it. It's not nuclear physics. I don't know why they did it in broad daylight… It's… obviously illegal. It's an international crime."

    This migrant crisis will only get worse.

  • Bradley Wiggins’s tragic fall from Olympic hero to broke couch-surfer
  • Wow they just gloss over the fact that he was abused by his coach. I always liked Wiggins, he was such a strong steady presence in the peloton, a true champion that acted in the manner befitting the yellow jersey. I hope he finds the help he needs

  • Pastor Robert Morris confesses to ‘moral failure’ after woman claims he began molesting her at 12
  • The survivor made it clear to CP that Morris did not get her father's blessing to return to ministry.

    "My father never ever gave his blessing on Robert returning to ministry! My father told him he’s lucky he didn’t kill him. I am mortified that he is telling the world my dad gave his blessing! Of course, we forgive because we are called to biblically forgive those who sin against us. But that does not mean he is supposed to go on without repercussions," she said.

    Clemishire explained that she retained an attorney in 2005 to file a civil lawsuit but Morris’ attorney suggested she caused the abuse on herself because she was “flirtatious.” She said she asked for $50,000 to cover the cost of her counseling stemming from the abuse. She said they offered her $25,000 if she signed a non-disclosure agreement, but she refused.

    Just real piece of shit. This man was married with a small boy when he was invited to stay at the home of a family man who was helping him build the church. He raped their daughter while telling his wife and the nice family he was "counseling" her privately. May he rot in prison.

  • Daily NYT Wordle Wordle - A daily word game

    Guess the hidden word in 6 tries. A new puzzle is available each day.

    Wordle - A daily word game

    Daily NYT Wordle Wordle - A daily word game

    Guess the hidden word in 6 tries. A new puzzle is available each day.

    Wordle - A daily word game