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Flavored vape bans led to increase in teen smoking
  • Of course not, cigarettes are nasty. But what I would like to understand is: are kids vaping way more nicotine now and getting every more addicted? You don't get addicted to cigarettes per se, but to nicotine.

    And flavoured cigarettes were banned in many places and helped stop some young people from starting to smoke.

  • What bedtime routine helps you sleep?
  • My personal theory is that stimulants can help your brain stop working in overdrive and focus on one thing and, while they don't make me sleepy per se, it helps me fall asleep. But it doesn't always work and can also disrupt my sleep.

  • The official Israel account on X asserting that Palestinian civilians are not innocent
  • Erm, Germany has paid for the actions of the nazis, and many of those on top were trialed and jailed. Germany has paid lots of reparations as well, and monuments were erected. Nazi guilt is also very much present in the German culture and history. Can't wait to see the same happening with Israel... I won't hold my breath.

  • French conservatives move toward far-right alliance
  • Climate change and war mostly caused by the west's history making everywhere else a terrible place to live and pushing people out of their homes in look for a better place to live? I don't think anyone is avoiding it, just that there's different opinions about it.

  • How long have you used Ecosia and how did you find it?

    I personally been using it for almost 5 years. I heard about it from a colleague a few years before that but I forgot about it, and then an online ad reminded me to check them out again.