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My Little Résumé rulé
  • I have never met an HR person that appreciates silliness. Don't think they exist.

  • My Little Résumé rulé
  • That is the only time I see this abomination not getting instantly shredded. Nobody wants this on their desk, unless they put it in a folder for examples of what not to do.

  • Underconsumption Rule
  • Nice! I might have to copy you, do you remove the labels and then just hope the dishwasher gets the sticky off?

  • Paradise this

  • No common rube
  • I once did a house call over an hour away to turn on elderly couples monitor back on. Didn't feel good about giving them the bill.

  • This Ancient Technology Is Helping Millions Stay Cool
  • Evaporative coolers can work great, also known as swamp coolers. Unless your humidity is already high, then they don't do much of anything. Unless I'm mistaken, you have to be around 50% to make a big difference in temperature, but where I live it's never below 70 in the summer, so I've never actually tried one. But the idea is cool.

  • Mouse support on Linux

    Personally, I would pick something from this list. Then you can use piper to manage your mouse settings, and it will be an awesome experience.

    I have a Logitech G305 with a custom shell and modded switches that I love, for something close you can look at custom mice.

  • Linux Mint 22 'Wilma' gets a Beta release
  • I always liked Betty more.

  • Jaw-Dropping SNES Mod Fixes One Of The Console's Biggest Problems | Time Extension
  • I have Voultar's mod in my one chip, it's great for RGB. I also love his YouTube channel.

  • summer
  • Duh?!

  • Undertale?
  • Game is great, my first playthrough was pretty close to when it came out, I played on Linux with keyboard and mouse and had zero issues. Second was on switch, with controller and it was fine. It might be more enjoyable with a controller tbh.

  • Konami Renews Trademark For Axelay, A top SNES Shoot ‘Em Up Game
  • Sounds like they need a new pachinko machine

  • Protestation
  • Big fan of Felix. The movie from the 90s was awesome.

  • It still stings
  • Just cruise by the beach in a speed boat or jet ski or something to spook all the marine life and ruined his video? Probably some other stuff happens after that though...

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • I haven't used the ai denoiser but the noise reduction in Darktable seems decent to me, has lot's of options. I am pretty new to raw image manipulation so maybe I'm missing something I don't know about but it seems fine?

  • When was the last time you bought a paper map and why ?
  • Same, I always have a backup paper map when I go hiking

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • Darktable is one of the foss apps that actually is almost as good as the Adobe app. In many ways I like it better.

  • ridiculously easy to imagine lol
  • Holy shit, two days from now there is a lecture!

  • "No code" databases
  • I have to use SQL at work enough that I just use that for any database I need for personal projects, almost always MariahDB. Helps me stay current on my skills I guess.