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Stonehenge sprayed with orange powder paint by Just Stop Oil activists
  • the stuff you're asking for doesn't work that well, but this does

    I didn't think that this works. The examples where people claim "is just like this" I don't see as being like this.

    The ones that work are ones that have some relation to their cause. Forcing everyone to really think about an issue Inherent to the act. For example, going about and doing this to parked private jets, which they did.

    Just doing anything to get attention isn't useful if there's no Inherent message in the act itself. Especially with climate where everyone already has awareness, just not action.

    Being merely loud is not going to sway hearts and minds in your favor.

  • GenAI more buzz than biz as tech barely dents jobs
  • That's been my experience so far, that it's largely useless for knowledge based stuff.

    In programming, you can have it take "pseducode" and have it output actionable code for more tedious languages, but you have to audit it. Ultimately I find traditional autocompletion just as useful.

    I definitely see how it helps cheat on homework, and extends "stock photography" to the point of really limiting the market for me photography or artists for bland business assets though.

    I see how people find it useful for their "professional" communications, but I hate it because people that used to be nice and to the point are staying to explode their communication into a big LLM mess.

  • GenAI more buzz than biz as tech barely dents jobs
  • It's interesting, when you ask a LLM something that it doesn't know, it will tend to just spew out words that sound like they make sense, but are wrong.

    So it's much more useful to have a human that will admit that they don't have a response for it. Or the human acts like the LLM spewing stupid stuff that sounds right and gets promoted instead.

  • Dell said return to the office or else—nearly half of workers chose “or else”
  • So much the better, as far as those executives are concerned.

    Let's say you want to cut costs and you know you have momentum and a long lag where your total incompetence won't make a difference to business results in the short term, so cut costs by getting rid of the top talent.

    Now if they outright just fire every good person, well that looks obviously stupid, but if those good people just... up and quit... well they are hardly to blame, and don't have to pay out those massive severances. You get your annual bonus which is big, and your big restricted stock payday might be delayed two years, but they know, realistically, they can probably coast a good 3 or 4 years before the game is up. Or if you have a supremely strong 'business brand', you might be able to coast indefinitely as the big shots will never believe that brand isn't good anymore.

  • Trump Says Foreigners Who Graduate From US Colleges Should Get Green Cards
  • We have a young person here on student visa and he's struggling to get a more persistent arrangement and thinks he may have to move back next year when his visa is done. He's hoping for an h1b, but that's a lottery... If there's something he's missing, it'd be good to know.

  • Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2
  • I have found my headset useful for work, when working from home and I don't do camera on meetings anyway.

    At home it's pretty nice, and since my ears are open I can actually talk, so my wife actually prefers it over me wearing headphones. But all things in moderation, I wouldn't wear it constantly.

    Despite being a huge fan of the concept, I still couldn't go for Apple's headset, it's heavy, it's expensive, and lack of controllers are all deal breakers. The Quest 3 is lighter, has good controllers, and is more affordable. It may not have the displays as nice as Vision, but that doesn't make up for the rest of the stuff.

  • SpaceX's Starlink May Be Keeping the Ozone From Healing, Research Finds
  • My family has Starlink, they live in mountainous rural. Cell towers aren't too far away, but mountains get in the way of decent signal. No one is running any cables their way, despite a local telco taking money explicitly for providing internet service.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • Well, it gets trickier.

    About 20% unambiguously live in 'rural'. That's pretty significant and a lot of folks that get hit with this are in that 20%.

    But 'urban' can be... not very urban. So the example led with NYC, the biggest and most dense city by a wide wide margin. I live within one of the top 50 cities and need to rent a truck on occasion. I'll say for sake of argument roughly the top 50 cities represent areas that are so well served they shouldn't need a truck. Only 15% of the US population lives in the top 50 cities. Only 30% live in cities larger than 100,000 people, if you want to assert that relatively smaller cities 'should' be better served. So 70% of people live outside of cities over 100,000....

  • A future sci-fi writers never could've imagined
  • I presume the facial recognition would be trying to match against faces without the makeup.

    If you always use the same makeup pattern, then I guess it can latch onto that like anything else, if trained to do so.

    Also note that facial recognition tries to break down a face into discrete "pieces" so it can match a face in profile against the same face from the front. In your example the image is visually similar because they are both exactly the same angle, no 'facial recognition' involved. If it can't figure out what a cheekbone is, what a nose is, generally what a 'face' is, then that would count as fouling the facial recognition because it would be unable to use a reference facial database.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • Ah, ok, makes sense.

    I will say that while I wasn't happy, I did do 1.5kw charging and it overall kept up with my needs in the end for daily driving, but after a long road trip I was out of commission for way too long so I did upgrade.

    If you could get 3kw, then that's about 14 kilometers an hour of charge, which you'd have to compare with your average and your peak.

    But yeah, if I had electrical wiring predating 200A standard, I'd probably be reluctant with EVSE in a rural area particularly. 1.5KW worked for me primarily for being moderately urban so I didn't have to drive far constantly.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • If you did grams per USD, then the Ribeye would be 0.06, Pork Belly 0.10. The next worst would have been 0.25, so I think it would clearly show the relatively poor cost per protein.

    Of course, I don't think anyone is deluding themselves to think that those foods are the ones to choose if you just want "some source of protein".

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • I think it's just something that has to be considered in a wider context and people are bad at that in general.

    See my friend who is quite obese and suffering from diabetes including kidney issues and bad liver enzymes, because he was obsessed with being big and lifting heavy things and obsessing about cramming as much 'protein' as he could thinking that weight lifting would burn off all the 'bad stuff'. He got way more protein than even any body builder could possibly need but was still always making a big show at gatherings of eating so much stuff to maintain his physique (which didn't look muscular, he always looked fat, but said his muscles weren't for show and that's why he looked fat not muscular).

    So when some post seeks to help folks by indicating good sources of protein, it can trigger people that have no protein issues to make worse decisions, and it's worth pointing out that most people concerned about getting lots of protein almost certainly already have plenty of protein.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • Home charging is not an option.

    I am curious if you are rural enough to be that far from any EV charging station, why wouldn't home charging be an option? Every rural person I know can do whatever the hell they want, and slapping a 60A circuit into their primary breaker box and running one meter of cable to an EVSE is easier for them than most city dwellers, that have parking restrictions or rental restrictions or HOA restrictions that drive them to either be unable or for it to require a much longer run.