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The truth...
  • That's strange since the movies don't really try to give The Empire any redeeming values. It's pretty literally and figuratively black and white.

    But The Empire has a better costume department. ...Man I guess I'm in.

  • Mic check
  • Oh boy, I missed that one.

    "A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently," said Hill in her show. "We'll show you some interesting body communication and find out what it really says."

    From this explanation of it

  • Tesla chair says Elon Musk needs $46 billion pay plan to stay motivated
  • It's a great question when he can be CEO of multiple companies simultaneously.

    There's no way I could work another full time job, there isn't enough time available. And I'm pretty sure the difference isn't that Musk is the only one that can pull it off.

  • controversial rule
  • Healing/support is pretty fun in most games. You have to keep up with everything going on to do it well.

    Also it's usually way faster to get through matchmaking queues, which is probably why I started trying it.

  • Microsoft to test “new features and more” for aging, stubbornly popular Windows 10
  • I just dual booted Linux Mint yesterday when I was reminded of the Win 10 end of service date, and hope to keep with it as my main system.

    Linux has come a long way with compatibility since I last tried it ~10 years ago. The fact that Steam games ran perfectly without an evening of configuring settings blew my mind.

  • What are your go-to sources for game reviews and finding new games?

    Any websites you like or Youtube reviewers? I prefer reviewers who also check out obscure games and actually point out flaws.

    Console gaming mostly since PC has Steam reviews that help out.

    I've always used Metacritic since it aggregates reviews, but it seems to have gotten worse for searching and finding top lists lately. There's gotta be better sources nowadays.


    Is there a way to turn off auto-update/refresh on the Lemmy feed?

    Scrolling on gets confusing when new posts are added to the page periodically. I prefer content remaining static until I refresh. Is there a way to configure that?