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Big brain with Crowdstrike
  • If it's any consolation, this is the first issue of its kind in the multiple years we've been using CS. Still unacceptable, but historically the program has been stable and effective for us. Hopefully this reminds higher ups the importance of proper testing before releases

  • Was my response "incredibly mean"?
  • A slightly "better" response that she might have been looking for is "Sorry to hear that, I made the coffee how I normally do - 4tsp of <coffee> in the drip maker. Maybe it's starting to wear off by now?"
    Still has the content you included, but in a more sympathetic pattern that she might be receptive of.

  • Tips for getting rid of cat sand/litter smell?
  • I've personally had better luck with the Litter Robot 4. We started with the 3 and had some issues with the bonnet getting "unseated", among other things. The 4 has been more stable over the year we've had it. The base being narrower but taller lets us get away with an extra day of not emptying.

  • Leaked Windows 11 "Government Edition” that has no telemetry tracking or bloatware is actually FAKE
  • This might be fake, but LTSC is not. It's been around in Windows 10 for years, designed for bloat free stability for IoT and operational devices. A consumer shouldn't technically use it but there are ways.
    I don't know how much 11's version has been debloated, but it might be a good experience.

  • Gaming with Wayland with NVidia 550 and 555 drivers
  • Adjacently, Nobara is based on Fedora for gaming, uses KDE, and has a lot of packages pre-installed for a nicer end user experience. I used to use Kubuntu as my first foray into Linux desktop but I ran into a few issues. Nobara has been overall more stable and more reliable for my daily use.

  • Sorry I can't do it.
  • Nobara is a very good starting point for Linux. I personally know Linux stuff from an IT perspective, but personal use/driver troubleshooting is not something I care to fiddle with regularly. I started with Kubuntu since it's familiar, but eventually swapped to Nobara when I had some issues with the few games I play.
    Nobara has been seamless and easy. Having all wine and proton dependencies preinstalled is much nicer and a lot of games Just Work ™️ out of the box.

  • Homemade tree for the BIG BOY
  • I'm not OP, but I recently rewrapped my cat trees and used a staple gun to tack it down. Close to the base, I wrapped the tail vertically a little upwards on the pole, stapled it to secure, then ran it down to the base and started winding over the tail. This causes some bumps in the snaked look, but isn't too bad from a distance. Plenty of staples keep it in place up the pole in case the cats cut through it from sharpening. It's still holding up so far

  • Security bug allows anyone to spoof Microsoft employee emails
  • The bug, according to Kokorin, only works when sending the email to Outlook accounts.

    Sounds like it's something client side or specific to Microsoft's o365/ servers. Could be the exploit bypasses header verdicts for SPF/dkim/dmarc

  • MFA soon compulsory for AWS users, passwordless authentication an option
  • It says in the article that this won't apply to org member accounts yet, but I wonder how it'll work eventually. Member accounts created via account factory don't even have a password, so you have to go through email account recovery to set one and then set up MFA. If this only applies to root users with passwords, that's fine, otherwise I hope account factory will get a way to set up PW/MFA on a generated root user.

  • How to safely delete my home directory completely?
  • I'll be the naysayer and say you should not do this.

    From an IT perspective, it's entirely unnecessary. You are potentially tampering with company property by destroying user data and files, even your own. What you make and do on this computer belongs to the company, so deleting your user folder could violate contracts you signed in onboarding. Say you neglect to upload a file to a shared drive and your boss needs it after you leave the company. If IT already wiped the computer, that's on them and not your fault. But if you proactively deleted these files and IT hadn't gotten around to giving the laptop to the next person, that could be actionable even after your employment is over.

    From a practical perspective, your company's IT team should be wiping and reinstalling the OS in between users. Even on Windows and MacOS, this is standard practice and a non issue to anyone who has 30 minutes to spare during onboarding computer setup. If your company isn't doing this, that isn't your problem because again, this is company property. Don't use personal stuff on the laptop if you're concerned about the next person getting access to those files.

  • What do you use the back buttons for?
  • I use my deck for ffxiv a lot, so I bound dpad buttons to the back buttons. In any game, if you try to move and use something on the dpad at the same time, it's pretty rough. A claw grip is the typical way to handle this (Monster Hunter fans probably are familiar with this). This binding allows me to move and use dpad skills without hand cramping.

  • What do you use the back buttons for?
  • There's good controller support in the game itself, and the add-on ConsolePort makes it more like FFXIV (a model all controller MMOs should take after). The movement scheme being forced backpedal is less great for controller use, but that can be overcome with muscle memory.

  • so fetch rule
  • Excessively buckled boots are depicted with heelys (skate wheel embedded in the heel). The they/them refers to the fact that only enbies (nonbinary people) would wear them and thus have too much power