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Could AI be able to have religious or political beliefs?
    1. I think you're on the wrong community for this question.

    2. The thing regularly referred to as "AI" of late is more accurately referred to as generative AI, or large language models. There's no capacity for learning from humans, it's pattern matching based on large sets of data that are boiled down to a series of vectors to give a most-likely next word for a response to a prompt. You could argue that that's what people do, but that's a massive over simplification. You're right to say it does not have the ability to form thoughts and views. That said, like a broken clock, an LLM can put out words that match up with existing views pretty darn easily!

    You may be talking about general AI, which is something we've not seen yet and have no timeframe for existing. That may be able to have beliefs... But again, there's not even a suggestion of that being close to happening. LLMs are (in my opinion) not even a good indicator or precursor to that coming soon.

    TL;DR: An LLM (or generative AI) can't have or form beliefs.

  • What is this nonsense? "The world's first Miss AI has been crowned"
  • Have you got a source for that?

    A quick search suggests that generating an image consumes between 0.01 and 0.29 kWhs (quite a range, so let's hit the middle and use 0.14kWh), while playing Cyberpunk on a PS5 pulls about 200W, so ~0.2kWh per hour.

    Seems pretty comparable, assuming you only generate a few images an hour... but if you were generating dozens, it seems like you'd overtake gaming pretty quickly.

    Edit: I apologise, I took the Google summary of an article at face value. Clicking through to the linked article here actually says per 1,000 image generations which is far lower. Urgh, though actually the article also says 0.01 to 0.29 kWh. I'm just going to find another article. 🤦 If you did have a source with numbers, I'd still be interested in seeing it!

  • bloody rigged
  • It's clearly down to the increase in visible moustache-twirling villains in the news, saying stuff like "and I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids."

    Or something.

    Personally, I'm also annoyed at the increased use of "needs done", which feels like it's missing half a sentence. But hey, languages are big - and can fit a lot of different usage.

  • Price will increase by $10 for v1.0 after the Steam Summer Sale
  • Yes, and?

    Trying to make money from games with long term support is a tricky thing that companies keep trying to do - it can lead to season passes, microtransactions, deluxe/supporter editions, buyable maps and expansions - or stuff like this.

    Companies try to get money to support game, more news at eleven...

  • Early review of the Watchy 3.0 - It's worse then bad. It's unacceptable.
  • I got a first generation badgy, and it had an issue that prevented it working with the battery.

    Sqfmi said they'd sent out a replacement part to fix it, but never got back to me.

    I love the ideas they have, but I don't trust them.

  • Withholding Apple Intelligence from EU a 'stunning declaration'
  • Sounds good to me!

    I wish Samsung would do the same. They just pushed a "security update" that has also added "AI" to a half dozen baked in apps. It's not clear how to disable it (but now I'm home again, I guess I'll look into it).

  • What YouTubers did you used to watch back then but not anymore?
  • Another vote for Binging with Babish - though my interest waned when he started going from "hey, I could try making that!" to episodes requiring ever more complex and expensive niche machines (e.g. dehydrators), I completely lost interest around the time he started doing the "going round buying folk things" series. Never really got back into it, unsubscribed after a while.

    Bon Appetit was great, then everything happened, many folk changed (for good reason) and it just lost the appeal for me. I've watched some of the spun off channels, but some of the appeal for me was the interactions.

    I used to religiously watch everything Shut Up and Sit Down put out, but found myself watching less and less over the last few years - turns out, they changed primary content creators and editor (if I understand correctly) around that time, and announced that they did so recently. Still watch occasionally, but it's a very subtly different style that hits less reliably for me. May also be related to me managing to play fewer boardgames, lately.

  • Monitor Your Network with PowerShell [OC]
  • Really enjoyed the format, looking forward to the extension of this in the next video!

    Really appreciated the deeper dive and calm narrative along with the evolving code and demonstration. I feel like so many videos go into what without touching enough on why, so that was really good.

  • PSConfEU

    Is anyone else heading to Antwerp this week?

    I'll be there, and I'm really looking forward to the content, the people, and the general excitement!

    For Eric Kripke, ‘The Boys’ Was Always About Trumpism
  • I think that this is the logical place to put those opinions - it would make less sense unlinked to the post.

    I dislike that it's been shotgunned at nearly every post I see, regardless of how relevant it might be, and I don't trust the output to represent the link.

    Given there's no "bad bot" style feedback functionality (that I know of), what else is there to do than block it?

  • CEOs Could Easily Be Replaced With AI, Experts Argue
  • I dunno, it seems easy enough to say "we've got rid of cAIo Colin v1.0 for his clearly insane ideas last year, we're looking forward to bowing to the whims of Colin v1.3, who I hear has some excellent new data sets from last year!"

    Or a different product, or whatever. Ew, in any case.

  • Seems too good to be natural, but I enjoyed seeing it