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Apple is halting its next high-end Vision in favor of something cheaper
  • Yes it does, but it isn't immersive. It's basically the same as looking at a screen. 3D basically makes you the center of the porn. Put your face closer to the boobies. Look at the clock on the wall?

    I remember seeing a 3D porn video where a mosquito let it on the male actor's thigh and he proceeds to kill it. It was awesome.

  • Why don’t you like Apple?
  • Except a 12 year old Mac isn't supported by Apple anymore and will likely be riddled with vulnerabilities. You could just load Linux on it since it's probably an Intel based chipset.

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • We have these trucks in Taiwan. It's quite literally the majority of the trucks on the road. These things are not allowed on the highways because a crash in them will result in likely death.

    Instead they are only allowed on local roads where our speeds don't reach anything more than 40km/hr. Even then, the crashes I have seen in them, the driver is always hurt.

    I know Lemmy likes to dream about owning a kei truck. But keep in mind that these trucks are not safe in crashes. They were never designed with the speeds that Americans see on a daily basis.

  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee on his last big climate fight
  • I used to live in WA state and always voted for Inslee. It's the only state I lived in that I felt that an electric car made sense since the mass majority of the power produced in WA state was green energy. It was a mix of Hydro and nuclear.

    He is ok in my book. Would be a good contender for president one day.

  • Laymen's Guide: How do I start using activity pub?

    I'm an old redditor that left the platform for Lemmy.

    I have been using Sync and using

    I have heard so much about activity pub and simply don't understand how to use it. Do you use a browser to visit another website that is like a Lemmy instance? Is there an Android app that connects a bunch of instances like pixelated and Lemmy instances together? Or is Sync able to do all this but there is a setting I need to do.

    Can someone please help shed some light to this? Thank you.


    Help finding a new notes app

    Thank you for clicking my post.

    I'm currently running a Synology Notestation with around 8 clients and while it mostly works, sometimes images don't load correctly(or doesn't at all) and has failed on me one too many times.

    I'm looking for another notes app similar to DS notes.

    1- Rich Text Editor 2- Self hosted 3- Has multiple users enabled 4- Native Android app

    Nice to have: 1- offline mode 2- FOSS 3- Has an active community

    I host files for my entire family and they rely on notes for all their important documents. So it has to be simple to use.

    I have tried benotes, but not having a Native Android app makes it hard for normies to use it. I also tried Joplin, but it's single user only.

    Thank you for the suggestions.


    Downtown Bellevue Target

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users.

    One of the richest cities in America needs to lock up their laundry detergent.