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Baldur’s Gate 3 Becomes First Game To Win Every Major GOTY Award
  • Depends, if you're into dnd then you'll love it. It can be a lot of info since it's based on 5e rules of DND. But even still it's an amazing experience with all the choices you can do in the game, I sank 300 hours into it within the first two months easy and bg3 wasn't on my radar at all until release day. By far the best role playing you can get in a video game (that I've played)

  • Transportation
  • The cells in our bodies communicate with each other with structures known as transport proteins. Transport proteins allow molecules and other structures in and out of the cell. This homie got his hands on transport proteins that would allow him out of his "cell"

  • Man dies mid-flight after breaking out in 'cold sweats' and losing 'liters of blood,' scaring his fellow passengers
  • I've seen some esophageal varices as a medic and let me tell you those guys are bleeders. Feel bad for people not knowing the situation, it honestly would look like he had something contagious so I can understand the freaking out. People barely survive this with care immediately available in a hospital so he really had no hope once it ruptured.

  • The Game Awards 2023 Winners: The Full List - IGN
  • Sure you may not care, but for the people that enjoy watching them play, something like this is well deserved for their dedication of understanding the gameplay. Just like chess, tennis, bobsledding or what have you. Your lack of tact and needless vitriol speak volumes of you as a person.

  • Is this a good deal? Ryzen 7 5800x3d and 4080

    From marketplace, specs are

    CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x3d

    GPU: MSI ventus 4080

    Mobo: Asus rog strix x570i

    Cooler: Corsair icue h100i elite LCD

    Mem: 32g Corsair vengeance 3200 ddr4

    Storage: 2x 2tb Samsung 980 pro

    PSU: EVGA supernova 850 gold PSU

    Case: Ssupd meshlicious with top and bottom modded fans

    4 additional noctua fans

    Selling for $1750, is this a good price for am4 nowadays?

    How do you *effectively* prevent plaque/tartar forming on your teeth?
  • For me I use Phillips soniccare tooth brush which is infinitely better than a manual one. Have you tried your luck with iodine mouthwash? It's more expensive and tastes gross but it's really good for gingivitis and doesn't burn. Also if you aren't already, flossing everyday and maybe after each meal if needed is important. Floss has to be reaching below the gums to pull out the trapped food and not just in between the teeth.