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Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • You're putting a lot of faith in whoever packages the 'distro'.

    Obviously you have the same problem with trusting FOSS software distributions, but it's mitigated by things like Linus' Law and reproducible builds.

    That being said, I personally use tiny11 VMs for certain non-critical things at home and work. I'd never use it for anything security related, or as my main OS, as there is a non-negligible chance that it's compromised (and there's basically no way of knowing).

  • A Cambodian court sentences a union leader to 18 months in prison for comments on Facebook
  • I live in a country with a nominally 'labor' government that has stood in the way of unions protesting the genocide in Gaza and is actively working to suppress union led protests.

    We in the west are in for a very rude shock in the coming years. Today it's clamping down on protests for Palestine, tomorrow its teargas and truncheons for strikers.

    A lot of people don't understand that if we don't stand up for the Palestinians, we won't have a snowballs chance when it comes to seriously protesting our own governments and the corporations that control them.

  • How does employing a rapist not constitute an unsafe work environment for female employees?
  • No, it isn't. You can fully believe in people's ability to rehabilitate and change, while also being aware that not everyone rehabilitates and changes.

    The needs of the perpetrator of a crime need to be balanced against the needs of society at large. This is why you get your license taken away from you when you drink and drive, or why you end up on a sex offenders register.

    In this case, there's a valid argument to be made that this person represents a danger to society, and the need to protect/inform people from him outweighs his desire to not have past crimes revealed.

  • Israel confirms death of captive soldier shown in Hamas video
  • Well I certainly wouldn't call myself a neoliberal. A neoliberal is somebody that believes in free market economics. It doesn't have anything to do with the term 'liberal' as used in US politics, ya stooge.

  • Demonstrators across Europe mobilise in pro-Palestinian rallies
  • Regardless of whether you think Hezbollah are a terrorist organisation or no, they're not in the west bank, they're in Lebanon (a different country).

    Those countries I mentioned are just examples of large countries that do not recognise Israel. My point is that it is not 'outlandish' to not recognise Israel.

  • Demonstrators across Europe mobilise in pro-Palestinian rallies
  • Hezbollah is a Lebanese political entity, not sure where you got the idea that they're in the west bank (currently governed by the PLO, if you weren't aware).

    I don't think not recognising Israel is outlandish either. There are quite a few countries which do not recognise Israel - Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Indonesia spring to mind.

  • Demonstrators across Europe mobilise in pro-Palestinian rallies
  • Could you elaborate on why you believe that only Hamas can make peace happen?

    One obvious criticism of this is the fact that the western bank is not controlled by Hamas, but is still being bombed at the moment. It seems that only Israel could stop that.

    I'd also like to note that Hamas has exicitly said that their goal is a return to the 1967 borders. This has been the case since 2017, so I would be interested in your sources for the claim that their official goal is the destruction of Israel.