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Girl, 15, speaks out after classmate made deepfake nudes of her and posted online
  • All I'm hearing is jailtime for Tina Belcher and her erotic friend fiction!

    But seriously, i generally agree that as long as people aren't sharing it shouldn't be a problem. If I can picture it in my head without consequence, seems kinda silly putting that thought on paper/screen should be illegal.

  • Who is a fictional character that is loved you find either overrated or you don't get the appeal ?
  • Additionally, and probably most importantly, Luke actually isn't strong enough to defeat the emperor at the end. He losses. However, he wins over his father and that's what turns the tide.

    Similarly, while Anikan has some mary sue moments, he has a far share of losses (chase for Padme's would be assassin, count doku fight, Obi-Wan fight, etc.)

    I think the only time Rey "losses" a battle is in force awakens when she gets captured (but even after being captured she overpowers Ben almost immediately).

  • A cool guide to sushi etiquette
  • When getting sushi in the US it's not uncommon to get, at least in my opinion, non bite sized pieces. Like the super deluxe roll with 15 things in it isn't going to be bite sized. However, I don't believe that's typical when getting sushi in Japan.

  • Rule people
  • Discworld would be a good example of fantasy that doesn't follow this trope (pretty sure in that world anyone can study magic, but like everything else that doesn't mean everyone is good at it).

  • This is getting out of hand! Now there are more than 3 of them!
  • I really do wonder what might have been if it released before, rather than after, The Last Jedi. I only ended up seeing it because I got to go to a free screening with the new chewie, and it was a fun movie. I think at least on par with the prequels, but certainly more felt more "star wars" then the Sequels.

  • This is getting out of hand! Now there are more than 3 of them!
  • I liked that they (the prequels) expanded the world of star wars and felt fun and fantastical (as I imagine the original triology felt when it came out). The Sequels tried to be too dark and moody in my opinion.

  • Mike Lindell officially loses all his lawyers in $5M 'Prove Mike Wrong' cyber challenge
  • Given his follow-up responses he seems to generally believe what he said (or at least upholding the joke?). I mean I kinda get the notion that we shouldn't take advantage of people, but Mike made the competition himself. The guy asking to be paid isn't taking advantage, he's asking for what Mike promised him.

  • Expectations vs reality
  • Not sure if you've watched the office, but the top picture is Jim, one of the main characters. For most of the first few seasons he's pursuing another character Pam. In the top picture he's revealing to the audience he's going to propose to Pam and makes it out that it'll be this big thing, however it ends up happening at a gas station (due to a moment where they are long distance).

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • A counterpoint to that is things like batteries, ram, motherboards, etc. in laptops (and pretty much every other device that uses rechargeable batteries). The fact is that for better designs the batteries are probably not going to be easily standardized in electric cars (also kills innovation).

    PC motherboards aren't trying to use the least amount of space possible, because desktops can be large. The same isn't true with cars, the space matters.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard leads say it will be 'mission-based' rather than open world, with no fetch quests or busywork: 'You're not going to be gathering shards in the Hinterlands'
  • I think the real issue is the large, typically procedurally generated, open worlds that feel empty. Even BOTW lacks a lot of substance to the world they built (villages feel smaller and less important, little/no ovwrworld secrets, etc.). I think games like God of War did a good job of openish worlds with some exploration, but still crafted.

  • the paramount digit loop
  • Yeah, my bad, it is AppleTV. I updated my comment.

    I do really think the TV show is worth a watch though. The play on language is really only a background element of the world buikding they do. It sets up a fun unique city with some lightweight interweaving of stories.

  • New to manga. I've finished Death Note, Berserk, Assassination Classroom, and Attack on Titan. What should I read next?
  • If you baseline is "How will our protag overcome this" then the classic is probably "Dragonball", but basically any Shonen Jump series fits that bill (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece). However most of these are targeting younger audiences, with Bleach being the most "mature" of the ones I mentioned.

    If you like the mystery element of Death Note, then Pyscho Pass could be an interesting one to look at.

    Lastly, if you want a comedy inverse of "how will the protag overcome this", One Punch Man is a great series. The author One also did a series Mob Pyscho that's an action comedy.

    Note: some of these I've read, while others I only watched the anime

  • [Game] West of Loathing West of Loathing

    Available Now on Win/Mac/Linux via Steam for $11

    West of Loathing

    Not sure if a perfect fit, but a comedy western rpg with a bit of a supernatural element. If you haven't already you should check it out!