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  • I recently switched to Windows 10 LTSC (from Windows 10). Would recommend that as well to people looking to avoid Windows 11.

    I'm not if it's really any easier to find and install than the other debloat methods out there, but I thought it was pretty simple.

  • Vanguard just went live and LoL players are already claiming it's bricking their PCs
  • While I'm League hater, I would love if the Dota meta shifted to shorter games like League has. I really miss the strategic depth of normal/ranked, but realistically if I want to play more than one match per evening, I have to play turbo mode.

  • Yup sums up all my project
  • I have a personal project that was getting big and unruly, and I'm so happy I learned how to use Docker and converted all the little pieces into their own repos and containers.
    That being said, I totally went down rabbit holes that didn't end up being helpful, like setting up my own CI/CD or trying to learn Kubernetes. They were totally overkill for me.