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World registers hottest day ever as heatwaves scorch planet
  • Climate Change is just getting warmed up.

  • Based Kamarulea?
  • If true, would definitely give vote. If not true (more likely), would definitely give vote.

  • If you're wondering why I post, rule
  • respect the hustle [for internet points]

  • Totally not ruling :3

    From chapter 16 of Slime Saint.


    Neko Tensei rule

    Pro-Israel Summary
  • Oh cool! It's great to know that I can commit genocide as long as I pay the $25,000,000 fee.

  • cow balls rule
  • Oh nice a rare wholesome comment on the web just sharing... knowledge...

  • Rule
  • "The worst she can say is no."

  • Jesse, it's not a consensus rule.
  • Pretty certain that's where I first seen it lol.

  • Jesse, it's not a consensus rule.

    Remake rule
  • I know, I just don't think Dragon Age has an equivalent You're dead lol screen.

  • Remake rule

    of dysentery.

  • Windows 3.1 saves the day during CrowdStrike outage — Southwest Airlines scrapes by with archaic OS
  • Reminds me of an episode of Ghost in the Shell where a hacker in a hyper-advanced cyberised society was using floppy disks as a storage medium because they were so slow.

  • Dekiru Neko Rule

    Bangladesh’s internet blackout immobilizes its booming tech industry.
  • I don't think they care about pushback. All they want is power... and those sweet tax dollars.

  • How many _____ could a wood_____ _____, if a wood _____ could _____ wood?


    I wore a respirator (cabin air filter) while cycling

    TL;DR - It was fine, though I know my limits. Test in safe place if you want to try. Biggest issues are condensation making the mask slip down and finding a way to cleanly pack it away.

    Although I'm lucky to have a rail trail in my city, I have to ride beside vehicles for most of the trip to get there. This includes getting over some fairly substantial hills which obviously makes me breath quite heavily. Usually I would run out of breath on the second hill and have to take a break, but recently I've also been having coughing fits. This might be psychosomatic as I've learned about how bad exhaust fumes are for your health (thanks NJB). Regardless, I started wearing a cheap respirator from the Orange Box store.

    Certainly it makes it more difficult to breath, but for me it's a net gain. No more coughing fits, I can make it over that second hill and the dummy in the massive cope-wagon doesn't bother me as much.

    The only trouble I have is packing it away once I get to the trail and the moisture from my breath builds up in the mask so it starts slipping down my face and blocks my nose. I think I'll have to get a more expensive mask to solve that issue.

    As a disclaimer, I've been in the cadets and have years of martial arts training, so I know my limits. I suspect some people that try to wear a respirator while cycling might pass out, which is not a good thing to do when the people beside you are putting their convenience over your health and safety.

    Stay safe (and healthy) out there.


    Penguin and Egg rule

    [Image description: Two interacting galaxies known as Arp 142. At left is NGC 2937, nicknamed the Egg for its appearance. At right is NGC 2936, nicknamed the Penguin for its appearance. The latter’s beak-like region points toward and above the Egg.]


    Walking with Rules, Rules, Rules



    by Kyoung Hwan Kim


    Anastasia Kirillova - Cyberpunk rule


    Fighting fascism is a full-time rule

    *prolly should have x-posted:

    !How to link to other cs?


    Tegnemaskin - Anomolorules


    Tekkonkinkreet, Michael Arias (2006)


    Rule is power


    Rule is power


    Please don't bully me, Commissar




    Name this rule


    Caption this.

    From this adorable paper:


    Technology Connecrules