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Are you a 'tankie'
  • Not one of my pronouns. Never been in a tank. I don't even own a tank top. It sounds like a sophomoric pejorative neologism. Why would I adopt such a label? No.

  • The sublinks mess makes me want to leave Lemmy
  • Sublinks is not Lemmy. This is basically hijacking the largest instance to do something entirely different. It means everything done here will eventually break. This is like kbin or beehaw. This eventually leads to isolation and everyone leaves. This move is the death of Lemmy as it has been for several months.

  • The sublinks mess makes me want to leave Lemmy

    Already using a .ml account, and have seen divisive toxic negativity that has me ready to pack it up and delete it all. Everyone that I enjoyed interacting with is missing in post comments already. It feels dead, like the death blow to what was already struggling. I guess this is my litmus test post, despite knowing the probable toxic ire it will draw. I'm just 200 posts and 1600 comments here.

    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Enough to leave for toxicity here

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Why are there two Denny's public WiFi signals. Never mind. There's only one now

  • good speech to text transcription?
  • The offline AI that I tried a few months ago probably needed training on the noise environment to get decent results. I forget which ones I tried but likely the ones with extensions already in Oobabooga Textgen. I was messing with text to speech mostly, but some of the ones that do TTS also have packages and examples for STT. Nothing I tried for offline generation was good enough to speak as an AI prompt without manual corrections.

  • ----------------------
  • "You won't believe this guysss. Look at me! I just found the cutest onesie kitchen apron! What do you think? Could I work the caboose."

  • I'm not the best photographer - I didn't have eclipse glasses
  • Basically a pinhole camera. The lens is doing the same thing as your eyeball. If your eye can see it, so can the lens.

  • Noob Question Thread: Ask Any Questions About Linux!
  • Any word on the next generation of matrix math acceleration hardware? Is anything currently getting integrated into the kernel? Where are the gource branches looking interesting for hardware pulls and merges?

  • Does anyone else have a personality type that's just incompatible with everyone
  • How do you feel about yourself? Do you like to be around you in an abstract sense?

  • Do you correlate dates with times on a digital clock?
  • Yeah, but neither makes sense any more. I use yymmdd in my default file naming for natural sorting hierarchy. I just don't think in that context. I guess that makes this post an interesting reflection from a couple of extra angles.

    Our US 3 digit area codes for phone number regions are likely not really paralleled elsewhere in the world either. It's interesting all the little cultural subtleties that shape the mind.

  • Do you correlate dates with times on a digital clock?
  • Like at 7:04 you might think of July 4th. All numerical dates are represented on a 12 hour clock (e: if you're using mmdd). I'm asking if your pattern recognition software is picking up on such a meaningless correlation and giving it some pleasant side effect or if that is not a very common mental connection.

  • Do you correlate dates with times on a digital clock?

    I mean oddities mostly. I corelate the area code of my highschool love, and often the birthday of another. It has no significance beyond a few pleasant memories, but it is just one of life's oddities for me. Do you experience similar oddities?


    Up to no good and looking for trouble

    This is the state of fermentation stuff so far. We wild; all wild. Right to left bottom to top:

    • lemon juice, squeezed - 1/2 food processor apple added after it went off, added a little bit of salt but not enough to do much. It will probably fail, but I'm curious where it goes. It is quite active already.
    • lemon slices in a 2% salt brine with rainwater and the other half of the apple in a mason jar.
    • new blueberries with a 3% salt brine and a bunch of raw sugar and rainwater just to see where it goes.
    • top of 3 is grapes and watermelon, mid is cantaloup, and bottom is pineapple from a mix fruit platter. All are in rainwater and ~3% salt brine.
    • I previously did 3× of these small containers with whole lemon slices, 4 garlic cloves, and an equivalent amount of ginger. Processed this, dried it, and added some salt and smoked paprika. That is in the small grinder. The juice that was left over is a super zesty spicy lemon flavor. That is what is in the lone red/white cap container.
    • bottle with the ripped label is half of the sauce I made with the last batch of blueberries (600mL juice), and the remaining (1000mL) stock after a 5lb chuck roast that was smoked for 4 hours and dutch oven for 6 more with chicken stock and a beer. Those were reduced down to ~600mL, filtered, and bottled.
    • the mason jar in the back is a large bed of 3 onions that was cooked with chicken over it. The onions were run through a food processor along with some cherries and 3% brine that fermented for 3 weeks, along with half the sauce from the previously mentioned blueberry run. It's pretty good for a first intuitive concoction. It has a savory sweet-and-sour flavor. It would be even better with more back of the tongue full sourness. I might need to try something with a tomato to pull out that kind of flavor. I'm already playing with unique stuff though. I've never had anything quite like this sauce.
    What is a bad writing trope you hate in fantasy fiction ?
  • The Expanse in the first couple of seasons did a decent job of showing that the characters were flawed and not at the center of the world while struggling against a system that is a more realistic portrayal of what monsters exceptionalism really creates.

    This aspect of Star Trek the next generation did a pretty good job of contextualizing the fact that the events on the Enterprise were the stories of one of many such vessels.


    That is why I like Dune and Asimov's universe as well.

    In Dune there is a ton of exceptionalism, and it is outright shown to be awful for the average person. I would argue that every form of exceptionalism throughout the books is always met with an equally negative outcome and flaw.

    In Asimov's stuff there is exceptional altruism in Daneel. The most exceptional characters like The Mule is shown as a tyrant. Hari Seldon is unexceptional in his exceptional idea, but is dead for the exceptional events that followed and his exceptionalism is constantly in question.

  • What is a bad writing trope you hate in fantasy fiction ?
  • I'm so sick of exceptionalism. Every damn thing seems to center around some shitty thinly veiled oligarch, their kids as some hero, or unhappenable origins and an impossible hero. Everything is geared towards cultural acceptance of some authoritarian neo feudal dystopian future.

    Stories can be interesting in other spaces. We all exist within those real spaces. We can fantasize about better places and times within similar realities as our own. I view all this exceptionalism like collective narcissism. I can't tell if it is an universal writing bias or a publishing bias, but I don't like it.

  • What do you think most dinosaurs sounded like?

    I think it was on Ben G Thomas on YT that I've seen academic references saying various ways dinosaurs likely sounded like birds in their vocalizations. Do you know of any scientifically grounded reconstructions of possible sounds?

    There were just a bunch of song birds outside my window, and my mind drifted onto this. I want to picture something like the first few scenes of the original Jurassic Park but with feathered songbird caricatures whistling and tweeting either at some monstrously low tone or some ridiculously high pitch for their size like a bunch of Mike Tyson's frolicking around.


    What is the deal with Graphical User Interface/app psychology?

    Like where is the goto psych/CS UI 101 class/book/YT that over simplifies but grounds someone with no background or previous knowledge? Maybe something like the "Blender Doughnut" of great UI design?

    I've changed UI twice with an app recently. I have a slight intuitive grasp of what I don't like, but I lack the language and depth in this niche to express the emotional response well. I have no clue where to start with my own designs if I ever felt motivated to create one.


    Aberration, Careworn, Placid, Effete, Phenomenology, Quale, Writ large

    • aberration - a condition markedly different than the norm; a disorder in one's mental state; an optical phenomenon
    • careworn - showing the wearing effects of overwork, or care, or suffering
    • placid - not easily irritated; (of a body of water) free from disturbance
    • effete - marked by excessive self indulgence and moral decay
    • phenomenology - the study of structures of the consciousness as experienced from the first person point of view
    • quale - an instance of subjective conscious experience (plural qualia)
    • writ large - on large scale, magnified; readily discerned, unmistakably indicated, clear, obvious
    • predilection - tendency towards; a condition of favoring or liking
    • brainish - a rich multimodal inner language that evolves with time
    • valance - the value which a person places on something

    The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories by Asimov (1st ×3)

    The Onion was the 4th, others were from an AI white paper