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A web search tip to avoid AI generated SEO junk
  • but i don't use google search

  • How many days do your wear your socks before changing them?
  • you are supposed to change them????

  • Gastronomical Masterpiece
  • sugar and fat like ghee

  • linux rule
  • I use arch btw

  • Discord UI rule
  • u may use Aliucord

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • this is genius

  • Arch on semi-critical pc? (Also EndeavourOS vs raw Arch?)
  • being unemployed is a requirement for using arch. all the free time you spend trying to get things working .I use arch btw.

  • Don't be a no-poster
  • less go

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) tu not impressed

  • Thanks for the help, tiny person!
  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • How can we boost Lemmy membership?
  • posting more content. sharing lemmy posts with friends

  • Immune to marketing
  • every other comment is so relatable

  • What brought you to Lemmy?
  • fuck u/spez

  • where are people of nagpur after leaving reddit 👧

    Instagram: Many Nagpurians have switched to Instagram, where they can share their photos and videos of their daily lives, their hobbies, their travels, and their passions. They can also follow other Nagpurians who have similar interests or who inspire them. Some of the popular Instagram accounts related to Nagpur are @nagpurimemer, @nagpurfoodie, @nagpurphotography, and @nagpurtimes.

    Twitter: Some Nagpurians have joined Twitter, where they can express their opinions, thoughts, and feelings in 280 characters or less. They can also engage with other Nagpurians or people from around the world on various topics such as politics, sports, entertainment, and more. Some of the notable Twitter handles related to Nagpur are @NagpurCityPolice, @NagpurMetroRail, @NagpurOranges, and @NagpurToday.

    YouTube: A few Nagpurians have become YouTube creators, where they can showcase their talents, skills, or knowledge through videos. They can also interact with their viewers through comments or live streams. Some of the popular YouTube channels related to Nagpur are @NagpurFoodies, @NagpurTechies, @NagpurVlogs, and @NagpurComedy.

    Discord: A handful of Nagpurians have joined Discord, where they can chat with other Nagpurians or people from different communities in real time. They can also voice call or video call with their friends or join servers that cater to their interests such as gaming, music, art, etc. Some of the active Discord servers related to Nagpur are Nagpur Gamers Club, Nagpur Music Lovers, Nagpur Artists Hub, and Nagpur Book Club.

    but still not lemmy 😥

    Where are all of the reddit refugees these days?
  • I'm here, reading hacker news and slashdot. Trying to learn AI, ML and cloud technologies 😊 out of work but going with flow of life

  • OpenAI confirms that AI writing detectors don’t work
  • True -

    1. Write points/summary
    2. Have AI expand in many words
    3. Post
    4. Reader uses AI to generate summarize post preferably in points
    5. Profit??
  • good youtube channel for watching with family

    when eating dinner i get bored, anyone has recommendations?

    Tildes Max Demon

    Tildes invite