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Paying more for policing doesn’t stop or reduce crime
  • Because policing is reaction? I thought this was obvious. Prevention is key.

  • GNOME Foundation removes Sonny Piers from board without explanation
  • Thank you. It's concerning to me as I've known Sonny to be a really nice guy, not sure what possibly could have led to this.

  • Wendy Carlos rule
  • Supplemental restraint system

  • CrowdStrike is a verb now
  • Not at least until they fire their CEO

  • Samsung going all in on Google Messages in US, stops pre-installing Samsung Messages on Galaxy phones
  • Same, I don't use other messaging apps besides Discord and Element, but those are for chatrooms.

  • rule
  • It's liquid mercury

  • WeBuyAnyCar
  • Interesting, it's there when I click the link but Boost can't load it.

    Yeah it's kind of a meme and not worthy of internetfuneral

  • WeBuyAnyCar
  • Well the pic is gone, isn't it?

  • Be still my beating tastebuds
  • It's the -ola part I'm not sure about. "Can" 100% stands for Canada, no question about it

  • SUSE Requests openSUSE to Rebrand
  • To fursuit it is business

  • 19 July 2024
  • brainof

  • Be still my beating tastebuds
  • CANadian Oil, Low Acidity

    Edit: apparently that's a myth? It's ola as in oil

  • Crowdstrike
  • Like this

  • Working with MPI on a hit and run with evidence
  • My only experience is with private insurance in Quebec. Police goes in, makes a report, gets footage for me, I provide footage to insurer, open and shut within a week. MPI is a whole 'nother beast hahah

  • Working with MPI on a hit and run with evidence
  • That is correct, the deductible has to be paid upfront and is to be reimbursed if MPI successfully investigates. I'll request more information from my family member, but it sounds to me like MPI was stating that they did not want to investigate.

    It does sound like MPI is just trying to cut costs by not investigating, as it's money from the left to the right pocket anyway. Damage is $2500 though, so I'm kinda surprised.

    EDIT: Got a response, they just aren't making progress, so I guess I'll just have my family member keep reminding MPI to investigate and they'll hopefully get to it in the end.

  • Working with MPI on a hit and run with evidence

    A family member was recently a victim of a hit and run on her parked car. We know there is evidence that is easy to get, but MPI is refusing to work with us.

    A police report was filed, there were eye witnesses, the suspect visited a weed store, got carded there, bought weed, and then performed the hit and run in full view of their camera system with their plate fully visible. The weed store knows who it is.

    However, MPI is showing little interest in actually investigating, and this means the victim will have to pay the $200 deductible for something that wasn't their fault and is easily solvable. They keep pressuring MPI at every call that there is evidence and they just have to go get it (as I actually walked into the weed store to ask questions and asked them to keep aside the video evidence, one of their employees was also hit), but so far they have done nothing.

    Does anyone know of a process that would push MPI to actually investigate such a thing? TIA


    BIXI got breached

    I know this because I use SimpleLogin to provide each service with its own specialized email address. You can see in the picture the address starts with bixi@sl.\\\*

    It's also possible but unlikely that they sold user data.


    ball rule


    dinnerbone rule


    Proton mail android: Inline attachments + Seeing / removing existing attachments

    On Android, I noticed two major features that are missing that make it extremely difficult to use the mobile version for me:

    1. I can't add inline attachments. This makes communicating with clients and pointing at stuff impossible on mobile.
    2. I can't browse existing attachments to view and remove them. This means I have to start my reply all over again and delete the draft if I uploaded the wrong thing, and I can't validate that I did upload the right thing.

    Also, pasting into a message body is broken on the beta, but working on stable (the only option is "select all")

    There's also no rich text, which is sometimes painful when writing long emails on the go, and it means I can't bold stuff to indicate importance.

    I also had issues with sent emails from drafts where a draft was created on mobile, finished on the web and sent, the mobile client will show as if I had sent the unfinished mobile draft, which sent me into a panic last night haha.

    2 Remote Amazon tribe finally connects to internet — only to wind up hooked on porn, social media

    “We’re worried young people are going to want to try it,” on tribe leader said of the kinky sex acts they’ve suddenly been exposed to on screen.

    Remote Amazon tribe finally connects to  internet — only to wind up hooked on porn, social media

    dog speed rule



    lego rule

    what the hell does this mean


    ******* rule




    When Housing First fails landlords and tenants


    McGill asks police for help as pro-Palestinian encampment enters 4th day

    cross-posted from:

    > The president of McGill University says officials have called for police assistance after pro-Palestinian protesters refused to dismantle their encampment on the university's downtown Montreal campus. > > "Having to resort to police authority is a gut-wrenching decision for any university president," Saini said. "It is, by no means, a decision that I take lightly or quickly. In the present circumstances, however, I judged it necessary." > > Lawyer Neil Oberman, who represents McGill students Gabriel Medvedovsky and Raihaana Adira, is set to ask a judge for a provisional injunction against the encampment on Tuesday afternoon. > > The injunction request, expected to be filed at the Montreal courthouse at 2 p.m., will target groups currently protesting on campus, according to Oberman. McGill University is named as an interested party in the case.

    2 Montreal police pursue criminal charges against journalist for covering Gaza protest

    This is the second time this year that police in Canada have sought to send a journalist to jail for doing their job

    Montreal police pursue criminal charges against journalist for covering Gaza protest

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    Can't add inline images on Android email client?

    Seems like a really basic feature, I can't paste / add inline images on the Android email client, my only option is to attach images and hope the recipient thinks to click on the attachment.

    I can't think of another email client that is this basic.




    Regardez pas dans le soleil sans lunettes approuvées!

    Et enlevez pas vos lunettes pendant que vous regardez le soleil. J'suis totoche, je l'ai fait, pas recommandé. Bonne éclipse!


    rule nine six

    are we still doing this?


    Reprise du nettoyage des rues demain

    Pour ceux d'entre vous qui avez des voitures stationnées sur des rues ayant une cédule de nettoyage, n'oubliez pas de vous re-stationner cette semaine ;)

    0 How a Cold, Hilly Canadian City Became a Year-Round Cycling Success Story

    Who would go cycling in snowy conditions, in a city with a 764-foot-high hill right in the middle of it? Montrealers, and the city’s bikeshare program has the stats to prove it.

    How a Cold, Hilly Canadian City Became a Year-Round Cycling Success Story

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    > Traduction française


    Trans ruleights

    Just figured out how to address my RGB RAM on Linux, and the 5 LEDs were perfect for a trans flag