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I can't disagree.
  • This isn't true, if they can stop at an impossibly fast speed, why can't you? Let's say they stop in 3 seconds, that means their brakes can get them from 65 to 0 in 3 seconds. If you're 2 seconds behind them, you have 5 seconds to stop. If you react within 2 seconds, you should be able to stop in 3 seconds. The only reason you would not be able to, is if you didn't do maintenance on your brakes,

    There's almost no person in the world who can't react in 2 seconds.

  • Fantasy Football iopq

    The Christian McCaffrey owner is in the championship second season in a row

    Which is weird because it's not even the same team. Snake draft sucks.

    There's no world where Davante Adams and Pollard add to McCaffrey

    Fantasy Football iopq

    I have drafted team mediocrity

    They all score fine, but the McCaffrey owner outscores me by 100 points in the season. 90% of this difference is the difference between Pollard and McCaffrey

    The rest is the difference between CeeDee Lamb and Davante Adams! This is how important the first few picks are


    BitcoinSV shows that there's a big issue with huge blocks

    I've been syncing for days and I'm still 100,000 blocks away. I needed to turn on pruning and a page file just to be able to process them, but it takes forever to download and verify these blocks because they are absolutely huge. At this rate it will take months to sync

    I didn't have this issue with bitcoin cash, it synced in a few days.


    Buds FE in-depth review [English subtitles]

    The first review with all of the actual measurements (ANC, frequency response, passthrough, etc.) and audio samples that I've seen


    Sony Link Buds S repairability rating?

    I'm considering this product, but I'd like to ideally be able to replace the battery myself. How difficult or easy is this? I haven't found a guide about them online yet

    Fantasy Football iopq

    How did I do on my trade for Week 6?

    Brian Robinson Jr. for Chris Olave in PPR before the Thursday game

    for me, this is a trade to fill my FLEX slot in a ten man so the most important thing is does Olave score more points from Week 6 on?


    I'm looking for true wireless earphones that I can do battery replacement on myself

    It's actually difficult to get info because ifixit doesn't have ratings on all models, sometimes it's just a guide. There's no top list, just a blog here and there, a video in another place

    I have created my own list, based on ifixit:

    --- Best Closed ANC

    • Sony WF-1000XM3

    Just a guitar pick and a screw driver gets you there, and they close back up like new. No rating, but it's the best closed in-ear

    --- Best Open ANC

    • Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

    8/10 is the best score I've seen for ANY earphones

    --- Best Closed

    • Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Truly Wireless

    7/10 which is the best rating for an earbud

    • Samsung Galaxy Buds

    6/10 which is previously the best earbud

    After these four products, I haven't seen ANYTHING better. Any others I should add to the list?

    Fantasy Football iopq

    Who do I start for week 4?

    For TE I'm between Engram and LaPorta

    For RB and FLEX I need to start two in PPR:






    Robinson Jr

    Fantasy Football iopq

    You actually can't make the ESPN team name containing Dicker, even if he's your kicker

    I think that's just funny


    the link is completely wrong in my app Ozempic, Mounjaro manufacturers sued over claims of "stomach paralysis" side effects -

    A personal injury law firm has filed a lawsuit against Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly and Co., the manufacturers of Ozempic and Mounjaro, over claims that the diabetes drugs, which are popular for aiding weight loss, can cause gastroparesis, a paralysis of the stomach.

    Ozempic, Mounjaro manufacturers sued over claims of "stomach paralysis" side effects -

    I don't know why, it doesn't link to the article when I click it