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You're the GM, but haven't prep anything for tonight. How do you make tonight game a succes ?
  • It’s easier for me because my table is a bunch of 9-12 year olds. Most of the time I’m just prodding them to do something, anything, then I get rewarded with the monk randomly punching someone in the bar because “we hadn’t had any combat yet.” I made some nemesis NPCs but I can never predict what these kids want to do so I wing it the whole time.

  • Three cheers for Democracy!
  • It’s a pro union comic that implies we should have democracy in the workplace, not just politics, else we’re not really living a democracy in our day to day lives. I think it kind of fails to make its point if the only two comments are about it not really making sense. Maybe it should mention that unions give you that? I dunno, never had a union I could join so I don’t know much about them.

  • Ford cancels EV battery orders as losses widen to $130,000 per vehicle sold
  • I think the problem for Ford is that they bet on economic improvements that didn’t manifest. Both their current EVs are “premium” models, and that market is tapped, especially with new car loans costing 8%, and people can’t afford housing and groceries and a car payment.

    Lightly used MachEs sell well at $25k. Which tells you that there is a price point for a new Focus electric. F150s are work trucks, not status vehicles, so more XL trims and fewer platinums, or better yet electric mavericks and rangers.

    They should make a Lincoln MK Lightning if they want the truck to stay premium, but aim Fords to the working class like always and price them accordingly.

  • Hallo! What American novelties would Germans enjoy?
  • It’s definitely waxier in consistency, especially Hershey’s, the best known American chocolate. Not sure of the truth, but the story goes: Hershey’s sent chocolate to the military members overseas in WW2. In the summer it would melt so they changed the formula to make it more stable, which made it waxy. When troops came home they wanted what they were used to, so that became the norm. Then they switched to corn syrup, which also made it worse. There are good American chocolates, but they aren’t coming from Hershey’s or Mars.

  • Ford Cuts Battery Orders as EV Losses Top $100,000 Per Car
  • I mean, let’s be real, Ford isn’t losing 100k/ev, their EV division has lost $100k/EV sold so far. It takes a lot of initial capital to get factory lines off the ground. Plus all the R&D that goes into turning and electric Edge into a “Mustang” and making an EV truck that fits the F150 mold.

    They are chasing the dragon of early adopters that were willing to drop $100k on a platinum trim truck. There aren’t anymore left. What the market needs is an electric maverick, and a return of the electric Focus. Both could be done for less than $30k and they would sell like crazy. But Ford is stuck thinking EV = premium, when there aren’t many people left with premium budgets, at least until the economy improves for the masses again.

  • Republicans are pulling out all the stops to reverse EV adoption
  • Good God, your utility company isn’t even using lube when they fuck you with a rusty shovel. Without solar, my time off use plan would make it $0.08/kWh. With solar I don’t even bother figuring out what my cost per mile is because it’s irrelevant till I need a fast charger. I don’t even pay $0.50/kWh at a fast charger usually. I’d be going with a full off-grid solar battery system if I were you. Charging my neighbors cars for free before selling a joule back to those assholes

  • Two newborn twins need a one-dose treatment that would save their lives: Zolgensma, a $2.1M drug. Insurance (also the mother's employer) cut coverage of the drug the day after they were born.
  • Because there are very few diseases and conditions that can be detected before birth, and unless they have physical development characteristics (this one doesn’t until after birth) the only way to diagnose them is an invasive procedure that it’s dangerous to the fetus so they are only done when there is a very high suspicion that there is something to detect.

  • Two newborn twins need a one-dose treatment that would save their lives: Zolgensma, a $2.1M drug. Insurance (also the mother's employer) cut coverage of the drug the day after they were born.
  • Important facts for people that didn’t bother to read the article: it’s $2.1m each, so total is $4.2m. The coverage of the drug was cut on a schedule that was determined in January. The diagnosis of the disease was 5 days after the cut.

    The cost isn’t an issue in my mind, but I think good to know how much the parents are in for. Insurance companies exist because of these costs, they should have to cover any treatment that has significantly higher success rates, especially when the lack of coverage will result in death, or other life-long consequences.

    The timing and schedule are important as the headline makes it appear this decision was in response to these kids being born with the condition, when in fact, there was no diagnosis at the time of the cut and these kids were still months away from being born when the decision was made.

    Final bit, though this wasn’t in the article, the drug is being covered for these kids. It took pressure from the state government apparently, or maybe just all the bad press. Shouldn’t change anyone’s opinion on POS insurers, but it’s at least good news that these kids aren’t condemned to a death sentence.

  • I can see them just fine, so you're welcome.
  • Do you have extremely unbalanced vision in your eyes? Even with corrective lenses that can keep you from being able to stitch the images together properly for your brain to interpret the 3D image.

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