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Man detained in mental hospital after trying to set up Pakistan’s first gay club
  • The bad laws were in place even before Imran - so that isn't unexpected. However, only a democratic government affords any chance of revisiting it. Arguing that the situation is the same now is completely disingenuous.

  • Missing mother found dead inside 16-foot-long python after it swallowed her whole in Indonesia
  • More likely that the giant snake is in a coil around you and with every breath you exhale, you realize that you can't inhale back in. This goes on until you lose consciousness due to asphyxiation. You won't be awake or perhaps even alive by the time the snake decides to start swallowing you.

  • Indian PM Narendra Modi convinced to be 'emissary of God', questions his biological origins
  • Narcissists by nature are attracted to power - no surprises there. But remember that India is an electoral democracy. The people voted him into power. An appropriate comparison is that narcissists are like the flame and the voters are the moths. Voters are going to be burned by their choices (sooner than later) - they don't know it just yet. Just like the moths.

  • What convinced you to fully switched to Linux?
  • I switched nearly two decades ago after I used a freeware network monitor on Windows and realized that it was making dozens of silent TCP connections online. Some were to Microsoft, while others were to unknown third parties. Just imagine your personal machine doing this!

    Linux is actually easy to use these days. Installation is often easier than windows and hardware just works most of the time. Despite that, people have a habit of exaggerating the difficulties in using Linux or BSD. They very often feel like excuses to avoid checking it out.

  • Lift like China, bro 🇨🇳💪
  • Source: Western Media

    Which lie 105% of the time. The extra 5% is when they make random shit up and lie more to justify the random shit they made up.

    Compared to what? The obscure, unsubstantiated, suspicious and clearly pro-Chinese news sources referenced here by you and your buddies?

  • Lift like China, bro 🇨🇳💪
  • It's definitely the second - paid. Look how new people are turning up with long posts supposedly debunking 'western propaganda', supported by suspicious external sources. Also not how a pro- China post here is upvoted by multiple people as soon as it's posted. All these could be one person. Even so, why go through so much trouble supporting a person others consider as a dictator?

  • Lift like China, bro 🇨🇳💪
  • You people go around calling others NSA, CIA and what not. But from my perspective, all your counter arguments are similar, consistent and repetitive. I have seen the same in other communities as well. At this point, you might as well concede that you're running a CCP propaganda campaign on the lemmyverse, instead of trying to discredit others.

  • Lift like China, bro 🇨🇳💪
  • Wow! The amount of dishonesty in your words is staggering. Nobody pretended that it was against one person - they mentioned only one person. You're the one who twisted their words and pretended that it's against an entire race. In fact, you are the only one who mentioned the Chinese race here.

    And the racist tirade against Africans. They didn't say that - you did. You made a racist insult in order to argue that others are racist. To be honest, no one else here is anywhere close to a racist as you are.

    And please stop hiding behind ridiculous accusations of racism. It's an extremely common and cheap tactic employed by autocrats to misdirect.

  • Lift like China, bro 🇨🇳💪
  • Somebody compares your dear supreme dictator to a cartoon bear. You: "You are racist against all Chinese".

    Even after others clarify that it's against one person, you have your ears plugged and crying racism. You know what it sounds like? A scripted act to pretend that you're morally right. In fact, I have seen this so many times. It's from your masters' propaganda playbook, isn't it?

  • Lift like China, bro 🇨🇳💪
  • Ah, yes! The yellow animal strawman! Do you people have some playbook or something? Look for something new. This one has become a cliché.

    BTW, it's not racist to insult an evil man or regime. But like any true evil regime, you spin that as an attack on an entire race. Nobody other than you even mentioned the Chinese people. It's like those evil gangs that use commoners as shield. It's just pathetic.

  • Bushmills: Man nailed to fence in 'sinister attack'
  • The ritualistic crucifixion in the Philippines is nothing like the real deal. While painful, grievous and fatal injuries are avoided in the ritual. The nail and the corresponding body part are not loaded. This is tolerable as long as the volunteer is not tired.

    The real one was designed to cause a prolonged, but assured death. The Jewish-Roman historian Josephus talks about 3 of his acquaintances who were crucified. On learning this, the Roman emperor had them released and treated. Yet, two of them didn't make it, while the third was just lucky.

    The real crucifixion was designed to cause a range of prolonged and fatal injuries. That included asphyxiation, plural effusion and collapsed lungs, shock, embolism, heart failure, hypothermia, and/or infection. Besides these, there are other agonizing effects like neuralgia, nerve palsy, cyclical loading of wounds (where the nails are driven), hypercapnia (panic inducing increase in blood CO2 levels), joint dislocation, painful cramps, fracture (when crurifragium is applied) and discomfort caused by rubbing their scourged back against the rough wood.

    Stories of people surviving crucifixion even when taken down are pretty rare. Even modern instances of crucifixion are pretty brutal when it's not part of a ritual.