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U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • Forgetting that the law does not equal morality, and that these harmless medications are blocked from a 3+ years long wait list to get legally. No trans person WANTS to use the web for their healthcare, they WANT to have access to regular blood panels and those holding degrees, but in the UK that is simply not possible due to arbitrary meaningless political attacks.

    Take your "just follow the law" argument all the way to legalized slavery and realize how ignorant, privileged and foolish you sound.

  • U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • Which ignores the context that getting them with a prescription is becoming a functional immposiblity for trans people in the UK. I support the concept that prescription drugs should not be for sale, BUT it is disengenerous that the prescription process is arbitrarily years long and constantly under attack.

    My trans friend who lives in the UK has been forced to get her medication from the web because she has been on a waiting list to get a prescription for over three years now! She actively wants someone with a medical degree involved in her care, but that's literally immposible for her, despite her well paying job. It's easy enough to say "don't break the law" while ignoring the people harmed.

  • U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • Fucking horseshit.

    These drugs aren't dangerous, and for those that seek them it's often life saving. This isn't "illegal prescriptions" like oxy for a high that fuels drug trade. Seriously, there is no gain for humanity by making life MORE difficult for trans folk. Especially in the UK where the wait list for a prescription is literally YEARS long.

    It's super duper disengenerous to call these illegal drug. Their medicine for people with gender dysphoria, and further restricting their access to it is nothing short of cruelty.

  • Arizona man gets life in prison in murder of wife who "vigorously struggled" after being buried alive, prosecutors say
  • Sandra Pagniano disappeared while she was in the process of divorcing her husband

    Piece of shit would rather kill her than let her live a life without him.

  • Disney resurrects "Marvel Television" banner, to tell audiences "You can jump in anywhere"
  • Exactly! In the same boat over here. I'm sure The Marvel's is fun and fine, but I haven't got around to Ms. Marvel yet and now I just feel fatigue at the whole concept of doing homework to catch up.

  • The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel | Jenny Nicholson [04:05:39]
  • I agree with her final take.

    $6,000 plus for two day down to the minute itinerary app based experince? Hell no. Sounds expensive and exhausting.

    $400 bucks for a dinner for two with drinks, a floor show and a ton of cool photo ops? Well that's something I would consider for a fun date night if I lived in the area.

  • Boeing whistleblower John Barnett died by suicide, police investigation concludes
  • You sound like qAnon, no matter what is said, you can always just say it's deepstate trickery.

  • Discord is allegedly assigning gender to users with machine learning AI
  • Trans folk

    "Oh what fresh hell is this?!"

  • Explosive police report reveals how Moms for Liberty co-founder arranged bisexual threesomes
  • Well, that is is true. This sort of nuance, understanding and acceptance would absolutely be lost on someone so outwardly bigoted. Everyone, and especially MoL essentialism about what IS and isn't normal is just so sad and misguided.

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • It sorta feels like you're either saying "dude your shortness is so impressive that I'm jealous" which doesn't make sense because that's kind of a strange thing to be proud of

    It's not something to be proud or ashamed of, it's just a physical trait that says nothing about a persoms charcter. But tons of people feel less than or are mocked for these sorts of intrinsic traits. Consider queer people, "Pride" events aren't about being proud of a sexuality/identity. It's refusing to be shamed in the face of cultural taboos and social stigma, it's about self love and acceptance than showing off something others should be jealous of.

  • Explosive police report reveals how Moms for Liberty co-founder arranged bisexual threesomes
  • 😂 😂 😂

    The convoluted techincal logicistics of why it's not gay and precisely when it does become so is silly. The answer is that yes, doing sexual acts with someone of the same sex/gender meets the common definition of being gay. But gay and straight are just words used to self identify. Humans are way dynamic than trying to cling to these arbitrary labels. Having a threesome has zero impact on you telling a potential partner that you are gay/straight because you're interested in them.

    Labels are important and helpful, but we gotta remember they are just words that can't define the sum of a human not accurately catch the essential essence of any single person. So it's healthy to recognize their limitations, trying to precisely define what is and isn't gay just feels like cope so you can keep calling yourself straight. Just do it, this doesn't matter.

  • Oh no, I'm being converted...
  • little bit deep into Star Wars lore.

    Oh sure, that makes sense. I guess this is an perspective thing and you're welcome to call me a huge dork. But idk, just feel like basic media literacy if you watch the whole series. 😂

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • It bothered me in high school but I found out shortly after it really doesn't matter that much if you carry yourself confidently.

    Which is accurate and admirable, but for those still in high school feeling bothered, wouldn't the population of the term help them get to your head space faster? Terms of encouragement are a lot more valuable to the vulnerable than the secured.

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • Body positivity" is garbage. People should be honest and support healthy lifestyles

    Feels like you are falling in to the same critism trap that catches "Pride" events, lots of people say that they can be proud of lots of things, not nessecarily an indentity or sexuality.

    But pride is more about not feeling shame for things you can't control. Body positivity is about way more than overweight people, but being happy of who you are regardless of any stigma.

    It's not my place to say people should like "short kings", I truly couldnt care less about individuals liking or disliking a given term. I just feel your reasoning would be better built upon infantalizing without attacking people that are fidng zen outside of unfair cultural stigma.

  • Oh no, I'm being converted...
  • What's weird is that I have never interacted or read the comments to thus sub. So idk, whatever, I'm a cliche. But its evidently a common take, so feels super random that people got so weird about it, I went to sleep with this comment +10 and sorta suprsied that it got flagged for deleting because of downvotes.

  • Oh no, I'm being converted...
  • But tbh I think that if we take the original trilogy, the Rebels are cleary fighting a reactionary imperialist power, ie. an analogy to the Vietnam war

    Lucas was very explicit that this was always the intent. It's not reallt subtle honestly, asymmetric jungle freedom fighters fighting wealthy imperialist?

  • Oh no, I'm being converted...
  • Idk if it's a replacement so much as inevitable, complianct democracy leads to faccism, both in star wars and the real world. Ancient jedi teaching and flawed founding fathers constitution mean nothing when there is a tiered power structure. Without justice for the subjacted and endless wealth to the subjactor, there is an endless cycle of righteous rebellion kept in check by all of the resources of wealth, it's an endless boiling point.

    The answer is raise the floor and lower the ceiling, drastically. But so long as money = power, those with wealth will did all they can to maintain hegemony. Even if that just invariably kicks the can down to a more explosive rebellion / boot to the neck. Democracy was never equipped to deal with class warfare, hell, you weren't even a person in revolution America if you didn't hold land.

    Luke is the modern neoliberalism order trying to make incrimental change to a system that needs to be scrapped and restarted.

  • I have to teach my daughter different things than my son
  • And the very next thing you said was...

    Imo as these become widespread, we’ll inevitably reach a point where nudes simply don’t matter. If anyone can create a nude of someone else with next to no effort in seconds, then a nude getting “leaked” would have next to no impact or relevance.

    So yes, you apologized for assuming I didn't understand what I was talking about, but you then double down ignoring the harassment I was bringing up. I'm not interested in discussing any part of this with you, we already have gone round and round. I was just shocked, amazed to read you today and had to highlight your lack of self awareness in saying

    “I’ve never experienced it so you must just be imagining it”

    Harassment of women with deepfakes has no impact or relevance, because hostility to women only has no impact or relevance to you.

  • I have to teach my daughter different things than my son
  • It's super ironic that you are the top comment in THIS thread.

    Hi again, you assumed that I thought deep fakes worked off magicly making nudes and just didn't understand the technology of aggregation as opposed to listening to the ways that women are being blackmailed and harassed by it. And that even if deepfake is exponentially faster and more accessible, it's nothing new or different than drawing a picture of someone naked, even in the age of social media

    Instead of actually listening you were arrogant, dismissive and hostile. You are the man in this comic. You are the person who is not harmed by deep fakes, so it's not a real problem.

  • inb4_FoundTheVegan inb4_FoundTheVegan

    I am against animal agriculture for the same reason I am against sexism, racism, ableism, classism and homophobia.

    The circumstances of a creatures birth does not dictate what it is "meant for", every one deserves to live happy, healthily and with dignity, but some simply want to live.

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