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The Eternal Mysteries
  • Take both. If anyone questions you, hit them with whichever one is in your good hand.

  • Second SLS core stage ready to ship to Florida
  • Is that a cigarette from the Fifth Element?

  • Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • Yeah, I get that schools/youth tend to skew more liberal, but everyone?! Out of that entire class, not one single kid except for Shooter McSnowflake on the red side? Seems hinky. Hell, even if the district went 65/35 liberal instead of conservative, I'd still expect at least a smattering of neocon kids, Bible thumpers, rednecks, whatever... Gotta be a handful of them, even if it's a small handful. Is the classmate misremembering? Intentional exaggeration? Just seems like this is trying too hard to push an angle, IMO. I'm just not sure what that angle actually is.

  • Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • Wait, so he's in a candy apple red district, but somehow every single person in his American History class was standing on the liberal side of the room during their little exercise? That little anecdote sounds a little fishy.

  • High heels footwear should not exist.
  • My cowboy boots, real ones from the 2010s, have heels.

  • Pelosi moving behind the scenes to get Biden to reconsider presidential run
  • Pretty fuckin scary just how literal that word is now, after the immunity ruling.

  • Are there foods that dogs can safely eat but humans can't?
  • There's a lot more chances to jump off your float for a sec and enjoy the scenery on a long lazy river than there is on a water slide.

  • You think you know a person...
  • Man, that really sucks. I'd prefer the extended ones, naturally, but if my friend wanted to watch LOTR with me, I'd sit down and watch whichever one they've got, only question is who's got the popcorn.

  • Egyptian sonar!
  • I think they meant Adam West.

  • Number Line Branch ·
  • Oh jeez, now the trolley problem has math?!

  • With friends like these, who needs enemies?
  • I had this dumb idea last year after I noticed quite a few song titles started with "all my friends," decided to come back to it today and clean it up and reorder the songs to tell a story. Kinda. I mean, its a dumb story, let's be real here.

    Runners up that didn't make the cut because their titles didn't start with exactly "All My Friends":

    • Less Than Jake - All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
    • Hank Williams Jr - All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight

    There are also a couple songs called simply "All My Friends" but I was going for the things all my friends are, or are doing, so those didn't get included either.

    And there are multiple versions of some of them, as well as, I'm sure, a handful more songs that start with it that I didn't catch. If your very favorite song in the whole world starts with "all my friends" and I missed it, I'm sorry about that.

  • With friends like these, who needs enemies?

    A story, in 19 titles.

    Help designing a button?
  • Something like the reset button on the Prusa MK4 screen maybe?

  • Monster 310-mile automated cargo conveyor will replace 25,000 trucks
  • It's only real if it comes from the Conveyor region in southern France. Everything else is just sparkling trains.

  • Supreme Court rejects challenge to Connecticut law that eliminated religious vaccination exemption
  • I've noticed that about a ton of SCOTUS-related headlines lately. They rejected a challenge to a lawsuit challenging the rejection of the appeal that failed to reject the rejection of their earlier rejected appeal. Takes ten minutes to decipher which side actually won.

  • Why do I get so many security alerts? Additional screenshot in comments
  • Jr Modem Engineer: Hey Steve, what should we do if their Internet is out and they want an https cert that we are unable to find?

    Sr Modem Engineer: Well, Frank, glad you asked! We'll just quietly substitute it with this random janky self-signed certificate for the modem itself instead, I'm sure that'll solve everything!

    Jr: But won't that just obscure the real problem and overwhelm the user with a bunch of unnecessary and incorrect error messages?

    Sr: Sometimes my genius is almost frightening.

  • Why do they never think people can stack rocks?
  • Furthermore, carving and stacking stones doesn't take a genius.

    You have been banned from r/freemasons.

  • Think of the children!
  • It keeps the hypochondriacs from wasting resources.

    Are you sure? If I was a hypochondriac, the $60/mo "Medical doctor confirms you're fine every Wednesday" plan sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

  • A handy reference guide

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    Bee Arthur, wearing jeans, holding beans

    Really was trying for more Bea than Arthur, got more Arthur than Bea. This is the closest the bingolator would give without violating some rule or another. It's a shitpost, whaddya want?


    Every. Single. Time. Really hope this dude's still getting paid. The Most Interesting Man In The World

    A The Most Interesting Man In The World meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

    The Most Interesting Man In The World

    Seriously. The only time I listen to FM radio is when I take my wife's car to get an oil change. So maybe a total of twenty minutes driving time once every six months or so. Every single time, this song comes on. I don't get it. It was a one hit wonder from like 25 years ago. How is it still getting that much airplay?!


    Lumed waves on the Christopher Ward C60 #tide

    I bought this Christopher Ward C60 #tide earlier this year, and I'm loving it! I purchased it on the bracelet, and also ordered the matching #tide strap.

    Fit and finish is fantastic. I absolutely love their quick release bracelet! It's amazing! I really wish more watch bracelets had something like this. My other daily driver is a Speedy, and I would actually wear it on a bracelet more often instead of sticking to NATOs and other quick release straps if it wasn't such a pain to switch. This watch feels great on the wrist. At 42mm, it's arguably just a tiny bit too big for my 6.75" wrist, but it feels perfect to me. At least it's not one of those ridiculous giant Invictas, right?

    The highlight of this watch is the wave pattern on the transparent blue dial. The waves are a little bit lumed, so even in the dark, it's got character. I'll be honest, though, I'm a bit underwhelmed by it. Compare my photo to the one on their website. When I took my photo, I'd been out in my backyard for an hour or two "watching the smoker," (read: laying in a hammock, scrolling Lemmy, occasionally glancing at temps) and then went straight to the completely black garage. So it would have been plenty charged up. You can see the waves, for sure, and I still think it's a cool effect. But it's not anywhere near as bright as their marketing photo suggests. But the wave pattern and the semi-transparent dial still look great even in daylight, so it's not a super big disappointment.

    I'm not a scuba diver, but I've taken it swimming in the ocean and a lake or two, and it keeps on ticking. It's got 600m water resistance, which is more than enough for anything I ever plan on doing with it. But there's an awful lot of watches that cost many multiples of this one with only 150, 200, 300 meter ratings, and everyone knows how "accurate" those are anyway. So this one having double the usual depth rating was still nice. I don't need it, I don't really care, but the big number makes me feel better. I bought this to be my GADA watch, so having double the usual depth rating was reassuring, even if the "DA" in "GADA" won't ever mean diving to anywhere near 600 meters for me. It means I don't have to care. That's what I'm going for.

    I can't really comment on it's accuracy, because i don't wear it every single day and I don't keep it wound, but when it's on for a few days in a row I don't have to change anything. It's absolutely good enough for me, but I'm not you. It's a Sellita SW200 movement, I imagine if you're subscribed here, you probably don't really need me to elaborate.

    This was my first experience dealing with international shipping, and it went smoothly. I got an email from DHL when the watch arrived in the States, paid something like $90 for customs, and the watch was at my door maybe 4-5 days later.

    Christopher Ward's customer service is great, too. A couple months after I bought it, I somehow managed to lose one of the keepers from the strap, slipped off somehow I guess, lost to the fifth dimension. I sent them an email asking if it was possible to get a replacement keeper without buying a whole new strap, and they sent me one. Totally my fault but they fixed it anyway. Go them!

    All in all, I'm totally happy with the purchase. It's one of my two dailies (for now...), and it will be in the rotation for a good long while. It's great looking, great feeling, keeps good time, goes swimming, and it also glows in the dark a tiny bit more than most other watches. I'm just a rando on Lemmy, but if you're coming here for opinions, you can't go wrong with this one!


    POV: your eyes are on the top of your head, and you like wearing hats


    Verily, old memes are best memes


    My new grill plate

    This awesome new plate was my Father's Day gift from my daughter. It's fantastic, and huge, and it'll definitely be serving steaks tonight, and whole-ass briskets in the future. I just wanted to show it off to the dads here. All of a sudden I kinda feel a little sorry for all the dads that don't have their own custom daughter-painted grill plates. Hopefully you get one soon!

    I'm glad there's a r/daddit equivalent on the fediverse. That was one of the most recent subs I'd found and joined before spez went crazy, glad some of you boys have migrated over here. Cheers, gents!


    One single hard-coded uneditable slur words list... really?!

    Edit: I've been schooled in the comments, this is no longer a thing, they've relented and allowed more control over the censor list. But hey, it's kinda funny still, so, feel free to keep reading if you like...

    Original post follows.

    Coming here from the Great #RedditMigration. When all of the alternatives were being discussed, one thing I noticed was that Lemmy seems to have one single global slur list that's literally hard-coded into the software. Your only option (as a server admin) is to either enable or disable it, but the words it's going to block are permanent and unchangeable unless you can talk the devs into updating the regex for the next release.

    And I checked out some of their GitHub issues, and the devs seem almost militantly defensive of this. Like, they are not entertaining any suggestions at all to make it editable. Their actual solution is, if you don't like it, fork the repo and change it your own damn self, but we're not touching it, go piss up a rope. Don't mind one of the words they don't like? Too bad. English word is perfectly innocuous in your language? Piss off. Want to block the equivalent Djiboutian words? Believe it or not, go to hell.

    Seems like such a weird hill to die on. And this is concerning as the lemmyverse is just taking off. This just seems like such an easy and obvious thing to make configurable for all kinds of reasons, and they're just closing down tickets. Not even a "don't have time right now but we'll put it in the backlog and get there soon". Just, nope.

    So anyways. I dunno where I'm going with this really. I'm not in a position to really do anything about it. So this is just a rant I guess. But if the main devs of this thing we're all migrating to are this... I dunno, arrogant? Opinionated?... already, then what's gonna happen later when there are actual real issues that need addressed? We're leaving one spezhole and going straight to another?