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Political mindset evolution
  • Yeah, it was crazy how warm last winter was. I live in Edmonton which is the most northern city with 1 million people in North America, and even through December we would have no snow on the ground when regularly there would be a couple inches to a foot everywhere.

    The weather is also much more sporadic than I ever remember it being which is fun. It's either unusually warm or stupidly cold. We had only about a week of really cold weather and heavy snow last winter

  • "we" the "people"
  • In FPTP, not really because voting third party can split the vote between multiple parties meaning that none of them get a relative majority of votes and their common opponent wins instead. The system encourages you to vote for the next closes party that is the most likely to get more votes (strategic voting). It entirely favours a 2 party dynamic

    This is a good video explanation that you may have seen before as it is popular

  • I wish I knew another language
  • From my experience as someone who lives in Alberta and who considers himself English Canadian, no one here actively hates french language or culture. We simply don't have enough of a need for french or enough of a cultural presence to really embrace it, and anyone who wants to has to actively go out of their way to do so. Maybe it's different in Ontario, but it isn't racism or hate. We simply don't use it

  • A cool guide to Epicurean Paradox
  • In my quick searching, I can't find much info on it. It seems that he made it in response to the idea that there were Greek gods that were concerned with humanity's wellbeing and actively took a positive part in our existence. His ideas don't apply to one religion or even try to say that there is no god, rather he is just saying that the gods are too busy / unconcerned with humanity's wellbeing which was not the common view of the period.

  • Dislike it properly
  • From what I can find and from what I know, it is grammatically correct however French is not my first language. As an English speaker I would probably go "parler le français"

  • Ignore your problems rule


    I'm a fish stocker. AMA