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Arizona lawmaker says ChatGPT helped draft new deepfakes law
  • If the output was wrong and he blindly trusted it, then none of the people reviewing it noticed anything, then they should all have been fired.

    Sounds more like he had it generate the text, he checked that it was correct, then other people checked it and also couldn't find any issues with it.

    Autocorrect also ducks up sometimes, that doesn't mean you should be fired for using it, unless you're too dumb or lazy to proofread it yourself and correct mistakes.

  • Is there any reason to set values as powers of 2?
  • There are many optimizations that can be done when working with numbers that are a power of two
    that being said, i have no idea if any such optimizations are done or even applicable here 🤷‍♂️

  • Sorry for bringing politics into this community...
  • I... Have never heard of anyone drinking milk for the protein content, why would you do that?

    Milk has like 35g of protein per liter, so 4 liters is 140g of proteins a week... There are more cost effective and pleasant ways of getting that protein you know

    EDIT: i googled what "filtered milk" is, i can guarantee you that it is more than 3x as expensive as oat milk where i live since i've never heard of it and would probably have to go to a specialty store or something to get it

  • Sorry for bringing politics into this community...
  • Even if you don't care about the ethics, plant milk is getting cheap (oat milk is cheaper than cows milk where i live), tastes good, has a longer shelf life and has thus far worked perfectly as a replacement in baking and such

  • Microsoft’s AI chatbot will ‘recall’ everything you do on its new PCs | The Guardian
  • I heard a guy saying that linux was trash, he had tried it once but it didn't have drivers for anything and what did exist was difficult to install
    So I asked him when it was that he tried it

    I think he said something like 1998...

  • 45%
  • Sounds more likely that actors wouldn't demand to be paid more than 1,000,000 (which is still an absurdly high amount), so they would be cheaper to hire and perhaps they would star in more films to compensate (even though, again, 1,000,000 is already an absurd amount) (i briefly forgot how taxes work)

  • NSFW
    Humanity and AI, a match made in the 9th circle of hell
  • I have the same issue, why can't all the sfw posts be in a single community so i can block that and browse porn in peace 😩

    Jokes aside, couldn't there be like a nsfw-flag on each community, and then users could block/hide all communities based on that? 🤔

  • Writing -100
  • They should've just thrown it out, just to be safe, letting it in without making sure is playing with fire, what if it was 1ml over the limit?!

    Arbitrary and pointless rules are there for a reason!

  • Skepticism
  • It really depends on what group of people we're talking about, what if you were attending a kung-fu-con, then the odds of everybody kung fu fighting increases dramatically

  • We Hate Batteries Ignotum

    Why do you hate batteries? I think they're pretty neat

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