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Vegans of Lemmy, would you eat lab-grown meat?
  • Given that the point of lab grown meat is to stand in for butchered meat, I think it’s fair to assume they’ll target the same taste/texture. Honestly, what’s even the point of the discussion without that premise baked in?

  • Pride Month PSA: Y'all really need to knock this off
  • You’re the most selfish and entitled person in this thread, assuming that you alone get to decide what the “purpose” of these spaces are. Many in the community disagree with you, as is evident in this thread, but you presume you speak for all? Not everybody hates “the straights” the way that you obviously do.

  • Keanu Reeves, bassist of the band called Dogstar, performs at Rock im Park in Nuremberg, Germany
  • I can sort of see the point of farming downvotes on Reddit because, as pointless as it is, you can at least see how many you’ve accumulated.

    For you to do this here? I’m struggling to understand what you get out of this. Kind of weird man, so maybe you should think about what the point of all this is.

  • Tesla shareholders to vote whether Elon Musk deserves billions judge struck down
  • Well he owns the board, and you’ll note that they aren’t talking about removing him for this.

    It’s clear that they are instead communicating a threat from Elon, where he’ll tank the company further if we don’t pay him off!

  • Amazon, Walmart, and Target finally realize their colossal pricing mistake—now they’re slashing costs to win back customers
  • No, that’s not what the issue was. The stimulus was a drop in the bucket, and I think it’s insane to talk like people “have more money now” because they got a check for like a thousand dollars 4 years ago. That shit was gone the week after it was given, probably to rent in most cases.

    The price increases were blamed on supply chain issues, which did exist, but not to the degree that could justify the increase.

  • As China and Iran hunt for dissidents in the US, the FBI is racing to counter the threat
  • You’re right, I was confused. That’s partially because your comment implied the US targeted him specifically, which was the case for the father but not for the son.

    You also appear confused, since you refer to him as a “dissident”.

    It’s tragic, but maybe don’t hang out with a bunch of terrorists. His father is to blame for taking his son into that company.