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Autism Sneaks
  • Technology Connections is fantastic. I'm usually very possessive of my attention but I always end up listening to him infodump for a hour about something I couldn't care less about.

  • Autism and food sensitivity.
  • Eating the same food all the time is just one example of repetitive and restrictive behaviors. You don't have to have that exact behavior, that trait could be manifesting in different ways. I'll try new foods and I don't like eating the same food day after day, but I do have a sort of weekly pattern. I like pizza on Fridays, etc. But overall my repetitive patterns manifest outside of eating, an example is that I listen to Seinfeld episodes as background noise on a daily basis. It's also okay for those patterns to change over your lifetime.

  • How do I make enough money to live?
  • My husband and I didn't have financial stability in office jobs until we moved into middle management. It's a very different type of job, even if you're doing the same sort of work. I don't have a degree, but I have several innate traits that make me excel at it. My husband doesn't have those innate skills, but he followed an educational path that gave him the credentials he needed to receive those opportunities (bachelor's degree, then a project management certification).

  • I'm an officially diagnosed Autistic and a self diagnosed Narcissist. AMA
  • I don't think you've got a good grasp on what narcissism is. There's the official diagnosis and the layperson definition and both require externalization. You can't just think you're better, you'd feel in your soul that you were better and would use and abuse those around you. Thinking people are worthless is another indicator that you aren't. If you were one, you'd see the value in those idiots because of how easy they are to exploit.

  • Need noise cancelling headphones recommendations
  • I have the QC 35 and QC 45. I prefer the 35 though they are likely harder to find. The 45s have different software and the headphones remind me to pair intermittently when I am not connected to a device, which is annoying because I usually don't listen to anything, I just want the noise cancelling. The 45s also allow more of certain sounds in, like wind and other things that, in my opinion, should have been canceled out.

  • Just got done at the doctor, over explaining everything to the point of them tuning out. I feel like such a loser right now.
  • Sorry you're feeling that. It is so frustrating to feel like the people who you need to help you aren't listening.

    For the last 7 years I've been going to doctors to figure out a handful of random symptoms; fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea, irritability. The symptoms would come and go but were very disruptive when I had them. In 7 years, I've spent thousands of dollars. I've seen doctors, naturopaths, therapists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists. No one has ever given me any insight into what is going on. I've gotten very good at explaining my symptoms concisely but that didn't change the care I received. I've been extra irritable lately and I finally decided to get a full physiological evaluation and while I was awaiting my results I realized I have autism and ADHD and that I've been dealing with meltdowns and burnout. No wonder no one could diagnose me, burnout is not really a recognized medical condition. I feel like I lost a huge chunk of my life and that I only figured out how to improve my health because there are so many people telling their stories on social media.

    Sorry to highjack your post, but I just had this huge breakthrough and I want to shout it from the rooftops but also don't want to tell anyone I know IRL. 😬

  • Did anyone else here get mentally exhausted from their diagnosis tests ?
  • Yes, I did a full assessment (not just autism) and I kind of gave up by the end. I panicked a bit but I've also had really bad brain fog lately. The room I was in had very bright lights, the HVAC was buzzing and humming and I was in a chair without a felt like literal torture. I had to skip an entire visual processing section and passed on several of the intellectual questions because my brain simply could not work.

  • Average US vehicle age hits record 12.6 years as vehicle life expectancy continues to improve!*
  • This year my car turns 14 (Kia) and my husband's turns 22 (Acura). We consider ourselves to be "car people" and we probably would have replaced them sooner but the type of vehicles that we like are not very popular (sporty coupes and small lightweight trucks). We've been lucky and had to do very minimal maintenance so far.

  • Majority of Americans wrongly believe US is in recession – and most blame Biden
  • My conservative parents have also been complaining about the economy and their financial situation. In April they spent 4k to get a box at a baseball game and asked me for money to pay for it, citing that its a special spend to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. Then last week I found out that they are going on a 16k eastern European river cruise this summer. Talk about temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

  • TIL that some people do not have an inner voice and think in different nonverbal ways.
  • The map would be tough. If someone showed me the map and said, go to the kitchen, I would try remember, turn left then right then its around to the left. I would remember it in words, not visually.

    Brown and pink my mind I see a hazy face of a poodle with fluffy pink ears. I can't see the full dog. I can't walk around the image and explore it more. Its just a hazy partial visual that flashes in my mind for a moment.

  • Los Angeles renters now need $117K a year to live comfortably, study says
  • I'd guess that regulations for earthquake safety make tall buildings very expensive to build. The only way it makes financial sense to build them is to put them in the most expensive areas and load the units with luxury finishes to increase profit. It's far more common to see 5 over 1s, and yes there is a lot of resistance to even those.

  • I was awarded my 3 gallon award today for blood donations.
  • Thanks, its manageable but my autoimmunity is chronic. I get bloodwork done regularly and it's tough to get through those draws. I know there's conflicting advice on whether those with autoimmunity should donate, but I hate the process and never feel well after even those simple draws. I try to make up for it by being an organ donor but I'm not sure that mine will be worth much when I do go!