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Windows 10 EOL PSA
  • shoving down mandatory AI down everyone's throats I see? Probably part of a behind the scenes push by government or sth since they will be tracking and recording everything going forwards. I can even see people crying "But think of the AI!"

  • Woman killed by her two XL bully dogs at home in east London
  • like with every "complex" living being there is of course a large spectrum. But to be on the safe side though anyone who wants to get a pit should be able to fairly certainly understand when a dog is stressed via physical cues and should be able to tell when a de-escalation is needed. And I am not talking about "I had dogs all my life I know what I am doing" kind of thing. More like if you are getting a pit from a shelter you should be required to get some serious mandatory training from a professional. This will (along with fines) will maybe help deter people who get pits for the sake of owning a ferocious dog.

  • Woman killed by her two XL bully dogs at home in east London
  • people should be required to have really serious animal rescue and psychology training to get one of these dogs (or else astronomical punishment). most people who get these dogs do so on a whim and because of their own unresolved ego issues.

  • How (and why) to de-Google your life and protect your privacy | Proton
  • Doesn't need to be as wide coverage as Google. If you only provide email service and half the population of US population is using your service, the government will come after you and ask for unlimited access to people's emails. That is already quite a lot of data. But agreed when you are like google, you basically have every piece of knowledge required to completely map someone's life. Fucked up shit.

  • Microsoft’s AI chatbot will ‘recall’ everything you do on its new PCs | The Guardian
  • I mean this data will most likely be more useful for surveillance/ads than for AI. Nowadays with AI they can make it look like they are only a couple steps away from a very intelligent personal assistant and therefore make it seem more plausible that they need your data to make that leap. But in reality I feel like it is not the level of AI that could leverage personalization, at least not in the context of personal assistance. In the context of behavioural mapping it is of course a super lucrative deal for them. There are already very useful tons of AI stuff that they can add which does not require personal behaviour info (at least not to this generality) and yet they don't seem to spend as much effort into those and instead they are like "we need all your info stored somewhere for this very super (and mandatory) AI search assistant". Big red flag.

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