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Reddit brings back its old award system — ‘we messed up’
  • not only did they gut the API for actual people, they carved out exceptions for "low volume users" to keep the bots inflating activity

    now they've literally stolen from the people who paid to support the site in the first place. absolutely shameless

  • Algerian man found alive after 26 years in neighbour’s cellar
  • Mr Bin Omran told his rescuers he had at times seen his family from his prison, but claimed he had been unable to call out for help “because of a spell that his captor had cast on him”, local media reported.

    i uh... huh.

  • nuanceposting
  • i fundamentally agree with you. i think it depends on how loosely you define 'direct'. class struggle has its fingers in many pies including

    • marketing saturation / materialism
    • mental health availability
    • quality of education
    • overall day-to-day stress levels

    all of which are at odds with encouraging a more empathetic, happy, and healthy population of men. people who are angry and fearful and deprived are easier to control and sell products to than people who are kind and understanding and satisfied. a higher quality of life breeds a higher quality of people and interpersonal interactions.

  • nuanceposting
  • there is only one truth, and it is that there is no gender war, only misdirection from class warfare that has monetized and monopolized even our interpersonal, romantic, and sexual connection.

    when people don't have problems, you can't sell them solutions.

  • Reddit Will License Its Data to Train LLMs, So We Made a Firefox Extension That Lets You Replace Your Comments
  • are there copyrighted texts that have such distinctive patterns that they would be particularly easy to spot in an LLM's output? say, would replacing every comment with a page from moby dick or wuthering heights be more or less infringing than using harry potter? hypothetically.

  • Delicous in Dungeon OST - Main Theme - Yatsunori Mitsuda
  • i had no idea yasunori mitsuda was responsible for the OST but it's immediately obvious now. chrono cross OST goes hard as fuck to this day and you can hear clear evolutions of that work in this one--my mind kept going back to the termina theme, there are hints of frog's theme from CT, not to mention that little flourish at 1:27.