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The dying gasps of NY Public Library Social Media
  • He won by 7k votes in an election with 21% registered voter turnout.

    He won not by broad appeal but rather by apathy - his voters were engaged by fear mongering bait plastered on every news outlet about "crime" so they elected a goose stepping cop.

  • Newbie printer suggestions.
  • Looking at random Facebook marketplace postings I'd say you should go with a mk3s from Prusa. In NYC I'm seeing them for $350-$500 used and they're fantastic printers. Very much on the tool end of the tool:hobby spectrum.

  • Newbie printer suggestions.
  • Prusa mini or bambu are definitely common. Mk3(s/s+) will also be common, maybe even more so.

    Steer away from Creality if you want consistent and easy printing: it's a tinker machine.

  • What.
  • They process locally. You can watch their traffic: there's very little going out besides their own diagnostics.

    So you pay for the processing with your own electricity

  • The climate crisis is solvable, but human rights must trump profits
  • Of course we're to that: the US is doing very little to slow climate change at all, is anything it is accelerating it. The natural result of this will not be food insecurity in the USA: it will be famine in South and Central America. Climate migration will see tens of millions of immigrants at our borders.

    And the government has 0 intention of helping them. It military will directly cause a mass casualty event at the border before the turn of the century.

  • How are you parsing JSON on the command line?
  • I have a very handy command in my .vimrc for this -

    command! JSON setlocal filetype=json | %!jq .

    Anytime I'm in a json file that isn't formatted it's as simple as typing :JSON to have it all sorted.