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euphoric recall
  • Things that have been improving:

    • Global poverty rate (going down)
    • Global average lifespan (going up)
    • Global literacy rate (going up)
    • Global internet access (going up)
    • Global infant mortality and maternal mortality (going down)

    The reality is, most of the world by many metrics is getting better over time. There are things that threaten this (climate change and increasing authorititarianism) and it has slowed, but overall we are still generally positive trajectory wise. In fact, I would say that in most metrics that matter, we are improving.

  • Is This the End of Plastic? Visa's New Technology Could Replace Physical Cards
  • I can put my credit card number in any transaction directly, and so can anyone else. Digital payment can provide a random one time card number (at the expense of privacy, admittedly). Physical cards are absolutely not safer.

  • Lemmy fax 📠 this
  • I'd actually go with something like microfiche or nanofiche. Human readable (with some support from a microscope), lasts and incredible amount of time, and can be used as a very safe backup.

  • In interview, Trump doesn't commit to accepting Wisconsin election results if he loses
  • Attempting a coup is much harder with an opponent on the executive branch. The only reason the last one was close was because Trump was sandbagging the response. The only way one succeeds now is if the military facilitates the coup, aggressively, IMO.

  • Gone Baby Gone
  • Well, generally yes, though we do see a higher percentage of men with reduced sperm count, which is ripe for conspiracy.

    In reality, our sedentary, obese, non smoking lives result in less male fertility.

  • DEA to reclass marijuana to Schedule III
  • This thread demonstrates the idealogical purism and lack of pragmatic political expectations from leftists and progressives. There is literally nothing the Biden admin can do that will ever be enough because it doesn't match some rosy fucking dreamland that only lives in your heads. Descheduling is huge, and signals the end of 100 years of madness with cannabis laws. If you want more, then we need to have more legislative power to implement it.

    This is a fucking win, dumbasses.

  • Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving linked to hundreds of crashes, dozens of deaths
  • Tesla Autopilot is an automaton. When you put it inside of its failing conditions, it will fail 100% of the time. Like a machine.

    So are people. People are laughably bad at driving. Completely terrible. We fail under regular and expected conditions all the time. The question, is whether the automated driving system (Tesla or not) does it better than people.