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Latest Verge article about their review of Asus ROG Ally X (and this is why gamers are preferring Steam Deck)
  • This is a sensible recommendation. Even though I despise windows and Asus has support issues historically ( very lame ones even), the hardware itself is very good and any Linux distro can be easily flashed.

    I wouldn't dismiss the handheld based on a windows review really ( hint : windows will forever suck).

  • Drunken driver who snapped photo going 141 mph before deadly collision imprisoned for 17 years
  • No,not death sentence,but i noticed people here are worryingly apologetic for murder. It is murder,not in the 1st degree off,but still murder.

    25 years with no parole and that's that. I'm sorry,I just can't find excuses for drunk driving murders like some people do. It's my belief system,not a standard.

  • Drunken driver who snapped photo going 141 mph before deadly collision imprisoned for 17 years
  • Imagine having your children killed - probably hard if you don't have children and the reading your comment.

    I anything ,the justice system should be more punishing for such cases. How can you even mention forgiveness for drunk driving,showing off,killing people and then asking for it with such a worryingly easiness?

    Forgiveness for what,for being a blatant sociopath? Really? If I were that lady I would have preferred enjoying the rest of my life with my children as opposed to forgiving a murderer and knowing he might do it again,cause it's easy to forgive and "Forgiveness is a powerful thing". This is not a case for forgiveness,but harsher punishment.

    Again: you're asking for forgiveness for a drunk driving murderer of people and children.

  • I tried to explain ADHD math to someone and they didn't understand at all
  • I calculate percentage like this. If 100% is the value, then I know what 10% is, then1%, so I do increments of both until I get to the correct value.

    It may sound stupid,but it does help me get a % fast enough.

  • Unfortunate post placement
  • In my head it's infuriating just cause it's showing the cold harsh truth about the world. Humanitarian aid is still a thing. I hope...

    Could be less or more infuriating, depending on perspective.

  • Unfortunate post placement