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How do we disincentize car ownership?
  • Public transportation should be provided for the public by the public. Quit wasting time with ticket booths and all that shit. Just free transportation. We aren’t charged per use for roads so people drive. Make public transport free so transportation is equally accessible by all social classes.

    Even with cheap fares now, moving a family is still more expensive by bus than vehicle. I don’t drive for my sake. I drive for the others that need me to drive for them.

  • Can I Use my Multimeter to Test How Much Power my Appliance (TV) is Using?
  • Another free way of doing this is to use the power meter outside your home.

    • turn everything using power off
    • verify by ensuring the power meter is no longer moving; no electricity consumed
    • record current reading
    • turn on tv for some period of time
    • record new reading

    Calculate usage as difference of the readings divided by how long you ran the tv for.