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The diminishing returns of in-office mandates
  • Yeah, having to split your gear up between two workplaces gets exhausting. For a long time I was a self-employed contractor primarily working for one company and I'd never have the right tool or part where I needed it. I now work full-time for that company and most of the gear stays in one place and is a lot more manageable. Plus, I set up a co-management agreement with an IT company that is literally our upstairs neighbor so if there's a hardware problem that needs to be fixed in a hurry on a day I'm working from home I can just escalate the ticket to them instead of driving into the office.

    But yeah, there's absolutely no one size fits all approach to every workplace or specific job. I've been pushing for more flexibility there at my office for other roles because of that.

  • The diminishing returns of in-office mandates
  • You're getting downvoted here, but your anecdotal evidence matches my own. This is how I set my own schedule by choice. I get my "real" work done when I work from home, while the 2 in-office days are mostly spent in meetings, training other staff, and stuff that's easier to do in person (hardware troubleshooting).

    I get that this isn't the case for everyone though, and many people would be more productive predominantly working from home.

  • Vegan sandwich protein
  • What about BBQ tofu (which you can just as easily fry or bake)? You basically just slice up a brick or two of tofu, slather it in BBQ sauce, and cook. You can make big batches and freeze it until you're ready to use it.

    Granted, this obviously depends on what you consider highly processed, but I don't think (?) tofu generally has much going on in that department, and you could make your own BBQ sauce if you'd prefer.

    You could also do the same thing with seitan or maybe even tempeh.

  • taking us back half a century
  • Half a century feels optimistic. I get the feeling you'll be lucky to keep most of the Constitution intact. (Except for the 2nd amendment, but then probably only for a certain class of people.)

    I genuinely fear for y'all, and for my country as your neighbor. I'm starting to feel suspiciously like an Austrian or Czech person in the 1930s.

  • Madlads of the sea
  • Oops! Weird - the link shows fine in my app. If the other reply to your post doesn't give you the link you can easily find relevant articles by searching for "octopus Molly drug" or similar terms. It looks like there's a bunch of them out there.

  • What are some good sketch comedy shows?
  • One I'm not seeing on here is The Birthday Boys, which had Bob Odenkirk with a bunch of (if I remember correctly) young UCB comedians. If you've ever seen the show Love or listened to the Doughboys podcast, it has Mike Mitchell from those.

  • September 87 - Bad Dream Baby [6:13, synthwave]

    Inspired by another recent synthwave post here, I thought I'd share a different aspect of the genre. Whereas a lot of synthwave has a dystopian John Carpenter feel to it (which I think is great!), tons of groups sit on the other thematic side of 80s throwback, having a more upbeat John Hughes movie kinda sound.

    These Australian dudes rarely release new music but everything they touch seems to end up perfect. If you like poppy 80s sounds, incredible vocals, and campy SciFi you'll probably love this. They've developed a whole SciFi universe to go along with their music and bill themselves as, "The Interstellar Synthwave Band."


    Recommended pregnancy/parenting books?

    I hope this isn't an inappropriate question to pose here.

    If all goes well I'll be a first-time dad this summer and I want to do my research. I've done some general searching online for answers to specific questions, but I'd love two or three more comprehensive resources. You know, the kind of thing to give me answers to questions I hadn't even considered.

    I spent some time searching for pregnancy books oriented to men, thinking it could give me some useful insight into being an ideal partner during the process. At the same time, I'm hoping it'll give me a good general idea of what to expect. The results of my search were rather disappointing. It seems like the majority of books of that nature seem overly bro-ey and just generally too macho for me. I found titles legit along the lines of "Baby Hacks EVERY Man Must Know." Ok, not for me ...

    A few popped up that on the surface seemed more promising, but when I looked into them I got wary. One seemed to be sponsored by some men's parenting social media site and the other was written by a self-professed influencer. Also not for me. (I'm on Lemmy because I can't stand influencer-culture.)

    I finally settled on a book that seemed a little more my speed in terms of attitude, but with very little substance. It's basically 150 pages of, "Hey, you should be nice to your wife." OK. That's already my standard operating procedure, so we're good there.

    I feel like what I want has to be out there. I'm just looking for a resource to tell me all of the little things. You know, stuff like signs to watch out for regarding potential dangers during the pregnancy, what the hell I'm supposed to do while my wife is giving birth, how to avoid falling down the stairs with my new baby, etc.

    Anyway ... Do any of ya'll have any hidden gems to recommend? My wife and I are elder millenials so we've got some life experience under our belts. As it probably matters for the topic of parenting, we're quite progressive but don't buy into anything too woo-woo (we're big believers in science).