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What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • The interview is a vibe check first and foremost. If you vibe with the team we will overlook other things in your application. If you made it to interview, we already think you're good enough so don't stress trying to impress or apologize.

    Managers are mostly people who get tired of watching other people do things badly and decide to try to do better. You don't need a special degree or any magic to be a good manager, you should like people though.

    Everyone is faking it to some degree.

  • Dante left out these circles of Hell
  • Missed 2 days of my anxiety meds this weekend, which caused me to panic and try to go to the pharmacy too early on Saturday to pick them up and forget to take my morning ADHD meds.

    I was a complete freaking out mess all day Saturday and half of Sunday. I'd forgotten how bad the two are when stacked up like that. And I used to feel that way around 1/3 of the time, I estimated 1-2 days a week I had some sort of panic attack before treatment.

    Take your meds, my friends. They are important!

  • Is there a Linkedin equivalent that is federated?
  • It's a sales website for my labor. Free advertising for me as the provider. I look for work and have resumes in other markets as well but why skip something so basic? And with the exception of the verification nonsense with my ID, everything told them isn't just factual information, it's stuff I want known, the opposite private information.

  • Are there any EV cars without any "technology"?
  • My 2017 Chevy Bolt is fully electric and has less fancy integrations than most cars sold today. It's got Bluetooth and aux audio in but you have to connect a phone with a cable for Car Play or Android Auto, it's got normal buttons and switches for all the car stuff too. It had a remote start until I ran out of free On Star months.

  • American arrested in Turks and Caicos over ammo found in bag gets suspended sentence of 52 weeks*
  • The casual implication here that a round of ammo in your luggage doesn't imply you are an unsafe gun owner is insane. Lost rounds don't just happen, they are a sign that the person didn't account for all their ammo and secure it properly. There's no reason to give these people a pass.

  • Sperm count fall could be due to microplastics, new study finds
  • The Guardian reported the dogs were from neutering operations and the humans from postmortem exams. Dogs get fed garbage meat meal but it's packaged largely in paper bags, metal tins, or only the big bag is plastic. Human food is often kept in plastic at every step and often heated in plastic too.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • Yes, synonym searching doesn't strictly mean the thesaurus. There are a lot of different ways to connect related terms and some variation in how they are handled from one system to the next. Letting machine learning into the mix is a very new step in a process that Library and Information Sci has been working on for decades.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • Searching with synonym matching is almost.decades old at this point. I worked on it as an undergrad in the early 2000s.and it wasn't new then, just complicated. Google's version improved over other search algorithms for a long time.and then trashed it by letting AI take over.

  • Helpful Advice!

    I'm reading Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD by Susan Pinksky and it is full of helpful advice and useful tips. But I don't like to hear the truth sometimes.

    The actual quote from the book is "If you are purchasing items for a project, pause to put the date you will DO the project on your calendar (preferably within the week). If the project doesn't get done, reschedule it so those supplies stay on your radar.... We should only buy items for which we have an imminent plan or need."

    fuckimold hedgehogging_the_bed

    Found this relic at the local fair grounds and had to explain it to my kids