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Apple Maps launches on the web to challenge Google Maps
  • Not available on Firefox. Nope!

  • A message to wavering Democrats
  • Let's put it this way, as long as Trump doesn't win, I'm fine with the result. But given that the only viable candidate right now is Biden, or possibly Kamala Harris, who is already on the ticket anyway, I'll be voting Biden simply to insure that Trump doesn't win.

    And if you think there isn't that much difference between the two, read some summaries of what Trump plans to do via Project 2025.

  • A message to wavering Democrats
  • I believe in AZ it is on the ballot as a petition-based initiative in November. Because the Republican-majority congress wants nothing to do with it.

  • A message to wavering Democrats
  • All the people in here complaining they don't like their choices. Holy fuck, those are the choices. You don't get to change them in under half a year from the election, lol. We've already had the primaries. We have two old candidates. One is old and has been running the country successfully for nearing 4 years. One is a convicted felon with convictions ranging from fraud to sexual assault. Both have age-related health issues, but only one is promising to try and bring about the end of democracy in this country via Project 2025 if elected.

    If you want to change your choices next time, support some form of ranked voting in your state next time so that you can vote for the wild progressive candidate, but also rank the one you think is likely to win under that.

  • A message to wavering Democrats
  • This is hilarious. The dude is running the country quite well right at this moment. Stop buying into the BS hype the press is trying to foment for click-bait profits.

  • A message to wavering Democrats
  • He's running the freaking country right now and has been for the last 3 and a half years. The "he's old" crowd don't seem to get that he's old and effective?

  • Yellow Flag: "Privacy on the web is fundamentally broken, for at least 90% of the population. Advertising on the web is fundamentally broken, for at least 90% of the population…" - Infosec Exchange
  • I mean… what's wrong with stuff like the Fediverse just gradually strangling the commercially-driven internet? I pay a couple bucks a month to a number of different Fediverse providers and if everyone does that, they'll likely be able to stay self-sufficient and community-oriented. I honestly don't mind paying websites directly in that fashion as long as my data is portable and not for sale, whereas I know that if I let most commercial websites have my data, they will sell it to whomever and however many times they are capable of, all while enshitifying the user experience on their website as much as possible without making everyone leave completely.

    It's the most frustrating business model possible and why I refuse to give them any more traction than they already have.

  • New York Times editorial board declares Trump ‘unfit to lead’
  • In the sense that they've managed to stick like 20+ articles on how Biden should bow out up in the last week and yet, for months, as Trump is convicted multiple times, on trial for essentially stealing classified documents and descending into his own age-related dementia issues, they're not calling him out daily? Their take is always to criticize Biden and add the bad stuff about Trump off-the-cuff and 5 paragraphs down in the article. As you can tell, it makes me so mad. Pretty much every day since Trump attempted to hide classified documents in multiple ways, they should have been calling for him to bow out of the race daily, IMHO.

  • New York Times editorial board declares Trump ‘unfit to lead’
  • I'm sorry, but at this point, the NYT can eff right off. He's been literally a convicted criminal for months and months and they were fine with that.

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  • Can't answer to Tor—haven't even tried it in years, but I know on Windows, Firefox totally ignores the whole "reopen tabs on restart" pref if you close the last window via the red X in the corner. You have to use control-shift-Q or show menus and select File->Quit if you're going to quit it in a way it understands as requesting you to reopen the tabs again next launch.

  • Democratic Rep. Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey calls on Biden to drop out of race
  • Putin's chaos unit is outdoing themselves this election. And apparently the NYT are playing on Putin's team this time too.

    The Republicans can get together behind a convicted rapist and fraudster with his own dementia and age issues, because they are capable of voting as a fucking block. As Democrats, we have to be able to do that too by ALL showing up at the polls and voting Biden. It's not rocket science! At 55% voter turnout, Trump wins. At 60%, Biden wins, but barely. At 65% voter turn out, he wins by a wide margin. FFS, just show up and vote.

    The man has been running the country successfully for 3.5 years so far and worst case, Kamela takes over mid-season. And since she's the only candidate that could access the election fund and she's already on the ticket, what even is the point of these idiots trying to change horses mid-stream because they can't see the big picture and stick with a plan? Argh, this makes me so mad…

  • Things to Do in Tucson, July 2024 100 fun events happening in Tucson this July 2024 🪴🎨

    What's going on in Tucson, Arizona: book swap, markets, pool parties, dive-in movies, backpack giveaways, cosplay festival and more in the Tucson, Marana and Oro Valley area.

    100 fun events happening in Tucson this July 2024 🪴🎨

    Where to watch fireworks in Tucson the Fourth of July Where to watch fireworks in Tucson this Fourth of July

    4th of July 2024: Here's where to watch fireworks in Southern Arizona including Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley and Sahuarita.

    Where to watch fireworks in Tucson this Fourth of July
    [email protected]: Does Firefox block websites from uploading data that could be used for fingerprinting like resolution, installed fonts, etc.?
  • If you turn on resist fingerprinting then supposedly yes. It does pass the test with then. Assuming you’re using a VPN of course.

    I’ve been running with resist fingerprinting enabled for about a year and aside from the annoyance of having all your new windows spawn at a very small fixed size, the only major issue is knowing that for some websites to work you may have to enable HTML5 canvas for them. (It’s an icon that will appear in the location bar and you will know to look for if things that are supposed to be graphics in the web page are just a bunch of striped boxes instead.)

  • Somehow snapchat for web doesn't support firefox 🤦
  • All the Gen-Zers made me get it because they were loathe to communicate on the elderly platform of Twitter (even though they were all on Periscope). But of course, now they’ve largely moved on to god knows where and I still throw down the occasional sunset pic for the ones that show up a couple times a week.

  • Newly obtained video shows driver after deadly Goodyear cycling crash

    For several seconds in the video, he turns the camera around to show the scene on the bridge where you can see multiple people and bicycles lying on the roadway. “Babe, I killed somebody, babe.”

    Newly obtained video shows driver after deadly Goodyear cycling crash

    … and he calls some random people after he mows down the cyclists, but not 911? How is he only facing misdemeanor charges?!?

    Washington Post Columnist Argues Biden Should Replace Kamala Harris With … Hillary Clinton
  • She would have been amazing as a president, but if you really want to trigger a red wave of insane Trump voters foaming at the mouth about "her emails!" bringing back Hillary would definitely be the way to do it.

  • What is the best cloud storage provider right now?
  • BitWarden provides some encrypted storage on their paid tiers. I think it's very small, like 1GB, but it's E2E.

    Apple iCloud storage is actually E2E too if you turn on Advanced Data Protection. (Note that not all iCloud features are E2E, like email, for example.) And the price is pretty comparable too. Naturally this works a lot better if you're on a Mac, but just FYI.

  • It's time to call a spade a spade. ChatGPT isn't just hallucinating. It's a bullshit machine.
  • I totally agree that both seem to imply intent, but IMHO hallucinating is something that seems to imply not only more agency than an LLM has, but also less culpability. Like, "Aw, it's sick and hallucinating, otherwise it would tell us the truth."

    Whereas calling it a bullshit machine still implies more intentionality than an LLM is capable of, but at least skews the perception of that intention more in the direction of "It's making stuff up" which seems closer to the mechanisms behind an LLM to me.

    I also love that the researchers actually took the time to not only provide the technical definition of bullshit, but also sub-categorized it too, lol.

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • TBH, I support him more now than I did in the 2020 election, having seen him in office. He's working the system to get some stuff done, even with the clown show congress he is presiding over. Is he perfect? No. But no elected official is ever going to be perfectly aligned with what everyone wants, unfortunately. Maybe we can get AOC to run in 2028?

    But yes, the alternative of Trump basically dismantling the government and replacing it with some crazed shitshow is definitely a motivating factor too.

  • deleted
  • This is kinda genius, lol

  • deleted
  • I would absolutely send him an email to the effect of

    "Per our multiple verbal conversations, this is just to serve as notice that, in my professional opinion, your refusal to allow me to upgrade a system at risk of multiple security vulnerabilities on a platform that is no longer supported is a risk that you are choosing to accept against my advise."

    with a list of known major vulnerabilities attached if possible.

    That way at least if this comes back to bite the company on the ass, he can't say "Well he never told me this was a problem!"

  • “This Is War” — Tommy Tuberville Tells Americans to Choose a Side After Trump Conviction
  • And of course, he wants you to side with the felon who was convicted on 34 counts by a jury of his peers…

    EDIT: I love Colin Cowherd's reaction.

    “Donald Trump is now a felon. His campaign chairman was a felon. So is his deputy campaign manager, his personal lawyer, his chief strategist, his national security adviser, his trade advisor, his foreign policy advisor … they’re all felons.”

    “If everybody in your social circle is a felon, I don’t think it’s ‘rigged’. I don’t think the world’s against you. And to get people to agree on anything, 34 counts? Zero for 34? That’s a batting slump even the New York Mets could be impressed with.”

  • Things to do in Tucson, June 2024 100 fun events happening in Tucson this June 2024 🍷🧜‍♀️

    What's going on in Tucson, Arizona this weekend: Loft Kids Fest, Queer Bazaar, vegan market, mermaids at Trail Dust Town, aura photos for dogs and more in the Tucson, Marana

    100 fun events happening in Tucson this June 2024 🍷🧜‍♀️

    Rattlesnake info

    With thanks to u/SalsaVerdeAsada on r/Tucson… seemed useful enough to post over here too.


    Things to do in Tucson, May 2024 100 fun events happening in Tucson this May 2024 🍻🎬

    What's going on in Tucson, Arizona this May: beer festivals, Star Wars Day, mariachi, movie screenings, craft workshops and more in the Tucson, Marana and Oro Valley area.

    100 fun events happening in Tucson this May 2024 🍻🎬

    Things to do in Tucson, April 2024 48 FREE events happening in Tucson this April 2024 💸

    Looking for something free to do in Tucson, Arizona this April 2024? Check out FREE museum days, a music festival, outdoor movies and more in the Tucson, Marana and Oro

    48 FREE events happening in Tucson this April 2024 💸

    ProTip: If you enabled resistFingerprinting, you have to manually allow HTML5 canvas usage per website heavyboots (@[email protected])

    Attached: 2 images Since I’m the idiot learning this by filing bug reports, I thought I’d pass it on to all other #FireFox users on here. If you enable resistFingerprinting in about:config, the web site will start showing you weird stripy graphics anywhere an HTML5 canvas graphic would be generated...

    heavyboots (

    My apologies to the Bugzilla team for wasting their time holding my hand on this one. Would have honestly never noticed the little "HTML5" info icon to the left of the URL bar though without their help.


    Things to do in Tucson, March Edition 100 fun events happening in Tucson this March 2024 ☘️

    What's going on in Tucson, Arizona this weekend: artisan markets, steampunk convention, vegan market, plant sales, toy show and more in the Tucson, Marana and Oro Valley area.

    100 fun events happening in Tucson this March 2024 ☘️

    Yet Another Sunset pic

    01/30/24 from the Bunny Trail in Fantasy Island


    Best of 2023?

    For me, best of 2023 was Red Team Blues by Cory Doctorow. A retirement-age forensic accountant traveling around in an ex-rock star bus from Walmart parking lot to next gourmet dining location does a job for a billionaire and suddenly ends up in a surprising amount of hot water over it. Hijinks ensue.

    Runner-up goes to Venomous Lumpsucker by Ned Beauman. This is some bleak, bleak humor. Instead of carbon credits, Beauman posits extinction credits. Got a big strip mining operation coming up that will kill off a couple species? Better buy some extinction credits to cover their death! (And remember, it takes more credits to cover for a dead intelligent species, so factor that in!) Next extinction candidate: the Venomous Lumpsucker, but don't make it extinct until you've got all your paperwork done. Researcher and extinction credit manager for a mining company end up in a desperate chase around the planet trying to ascertain if the last of the Lumpsuckers are truly gone or not, and we go along for the ride.


    New RBR Stage released — Wolibórz Jodłownik

    Not sure if it's in RSF RBR yet or not, but hopefully soon?


    WRC 23 new CER rally driven end to end (~14 minutes)

    Not my video, but looks like a ton of fun! Should mention the rally driving starts about 4 minutes in. He goes over some of the main patch notes for 1.4 prior to that.

    Lemmy Support heavyboots

    Previous button missing in 0.19?

    Anyone have an idea why the Previous button would be missing from all pages? I can click Next and it seems to navigate me forward, but there is not Previous button to go back a page. Checked just to verify it wasn't my imagination and indeed the Previous button is still there.

    Things I've tried so far that haven't worked:

    • Disable uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and TamperMonkey for
    • Load website in default Safari and Edge
    • Try a few different themes to make sure it wasn't something with the theme I was using
    Apple heavyboots

    Looks like the M3's are here… Apple Announces New 14-Inch and 16-Inch MacBook Pro Models With M3 Series Chips

    Apple today announced next-generation 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro personal computers during its "Scary Fast" event. These new computers...

    Apple Announces New 14-Inch and 16-Inch MacBook Pro Models With M3 Series Chips

    (And in Space Black even!)


    Mojo for everyone being hit with outages from tonight's storm!

    Just saw the map from earlier tonight and it's pretty crazy! I know we got gusts up to 75mph midtown and I watch my palm trees thrashing like they might come down once or twice, but didn't realize until now just how hard it hit the rest of town.


    Sinema is at it again… 😡 I can't believe I ever voted for her -

    April 25, Senator Cortez-Masto of Nevada introduced a horrifying Senate bill, co-sponsored by Arizona Senator Sinema, that would essentially overrule the 9th Circuit decision and allow Hudbay to dump millions of tons of toxic tailings on National Forest lands. This would effectively greenlight both ...

    I can't believe I ever voted for her -

    Cross-posting from c/arizona…



    Sadly, it blew through super fast, like a real monsoon so only about 5-10 minutes of rain in midtown. But I am hopeful for it to repeat again tomorrow!



    So hot I had to get up at 5am to do a bike ride like some sort of morning person, lol

    Also, my new protip for showering post-exercise is to either just use the "cold" side or if your shower can't do that and you have a tankless hot water heater, just turn it off while showering.

    Tap water is like 85 now and about as warm as you really want if you were just outside sweating.


    FireFox Lemmy Community by New Tool Lemmy.ML Community By New – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

    Download Lemmy.ML Community By New for Firefox. Sorts the searched-for lemmy community by new. So 'c printsf' will return the printsf community already ordered by newest items first.

    Hi everyone,

    So I have created a "sublemmy" add-on for that lets you quickly jump to a community from the address bar in FireFox. Just type 'c firefox', for example, and it will go there and sort the community by new. Useful if you have a few communities you want to check regularly and quickly from any new browser window.

    The one caveat is that this tool only works for the website because that is the site hardwired into the search string, alas. Not sure if there is a way around that (that would maybe take 2 arguments instead of one?) but that's where it's at for now.

    Link is included if anyone wants to use it!