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Linux is still not ready to replace Windows
  • If moonring has a linux native variant, it is not going to sync saves between versions automatically, you can download the proton version of your game however and snag your game files to put in the linux native version (or honestly just play the proton version, they are usually more up to date)

  • Justice Department formally moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug in historic shift
  • Just because something psychoactive grows in nature doesn't mean it is not a drug. Anything that has a physical or psychoactive effect, or anything at all beyond nutrition, is a drug. DMT, Salvia, Psilocin, Mescaline, Phenethylamine, Opium, these are all indeed drugs.

    The reason you said this is because the word drug has a (very unfair) negative association because it is used as a blanket term to describe the reason someone acts a certain way on them, therefore making it seem that all drugs are bad (drugs, like anything in life, are only bad if you abuse them).

  • When Texas jails issue tablets, it comes at cost for inmates and families - A handful of Texas jails have issued electronic tablets to inmates. Counties can make money off their use.
  • No I don't think they were those, I want to say they were manufactured by HTC maybe? The company who the facilities were contracting was called Shawntech. Those tablets would very commonly steal inmates money too and nothing was ever done about getting their money back.

    I'm about to go off on a bit of an unrelated rant but that last statement kind of triggered me a bit and I still have not recovered from this.

    Prison is truly a fucked up place, I never wanted to work there, my life was miserable while I worked there, and I am glad to be rid of the place. I am honestly ashamed to say that I ever worked for a private prison but it was either that or starve on the streets. I never agreed with the prison system but after seeing it first hand how inmates are treated, they are not treated like human beings, they are treated like dogs. I knew a (free world) guy who worked in maintenance that I very quickly became friends with (who was old enough to be my father and honestly reminded me of him a lot) who had the same views I did, but at the end of the day, he has a family to feed, and where I live, you have to unfortunately take what you can get. Like everywhere in life, I was kind at my job to both shitty workers and inmates alike, and tried to be a shining image to what is ultimately mostly people who got caught using substances, but I feel like I can never fully clean my hands of contributing to their suffering by simply just maintaining the prison's IT and CCTV infrastructure. Yes there are people who do absolutely deserve to be in prison, but they are typically outnumbered by people who broke frivilous and outright ridiculous laws that are in place for the sake of creating slave labor. On top of that, the security staff tend to abuse inmates (albeit in a nondisctiminatory manner meaning anyone can be subject to it). It's punishment enough to be in prison, why give even further unnecessary suffering?

  • When Texas jails issue tablets, it comes at cost for inmates and families - A handful of Texas jails have issued electronic tablets to inmates. Counties can make money off their use.
  • Those tablets are almost totally worthless. When I worked IT at a state facility, those things malfunctioned almost guaranteed. They were vendor machines so I could not touched them, but the software from what I had seen was so locked down and proprietary that you'd have to have vendor tools to do anything with them or the PXE server.

  • It can!
  • I feel like the institute ending most likely was the canon ending primarily because shaun is the sole survivors son among other things, even though the institute is not exactly morally right (really only the railroad and the minutemen can come close to that moniker). I feel most people let feelings come before true morals and that includes their love for family, which means that the sole survivor would at the very least not destroy the institute even though shaun is a manipulative POS who only sees his father as a tool to accomplish a means to a cause.

    If not the institute ending, then probably the minutemen or railroad endings would be canon, as the sole survivor definitely comes off as a person who would, without a doubt, try to keep doing the right thing heavily into consideration.