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Can't we all just get along?
  • My first new Trek was TNG, which I enjoyed, along with DS9. Then, I just lost interest and didn't stick with anything until the Kelvin movies. That got me back in, though Discovery nearly killed it, then Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks reeled me back in.

    The Kelvin movies are not the Trekkiest Trek media but they aren't horrible movies.

    Of course, nothing has yet to dethrone GalaxyQuest as the best Star Trek movie of all time.

  • Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Would Rather Wait to Watch Movies on Streaming
  • I'm fortunate in that my city the cinema is never very crowded. I saw Dune 2 opening weekend and it was only one-third full. It's not bad paying and feeling like I have the place to myself.

    I already have my tickets for the Ghostbusters and Godzilla movies.

    Though, the last really enjoyable theatre experience I had was going to a pre-release showing of "Shang-chi" - a theatre packed full of fans enjoying a fun movie. I miss that type of experience.

  • Well that sucks
  • Would you be okay with a porn website requiring a copy of your government identification and then turning your viewing data over to the government?

    Do you trust the websites and government to not get breached or release data?

    Or is this Mike Johnsons burner account and it's not enough to know what porn his son is watching?

  • Airbnb bans all indoor security cameras
  • Up until now, AirBnB was more concerned about upsetting their providers. Now that local governments are starting to crack down, AirBnB now is more worried about staying in business. Especially if they end up on the losing end of multiple privacy lawsuits.

  • Garbage be gone
  • He endorsed RFK Junior.

    Also, there have been plenty of people throughout history who lived in "ignorant" cultures who weren't racist, misogynistic, etc.

    Being afraid of the unlike is natural. Overcoming that fear, makes you civilized.

  • micromobility - Ebikes, scooters, longboards: Whatever floats your goat, this is micromobility harry_balzac

    So glad to have found this!

    New member here. I've been using an electric scooter as my primary means of transportation for about a year and have really enjoyed it.

    I'm working on getting deeper into making my own micro evs so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this community.

    Looking forward to it!


    Welcome to Wrexham S2 Finale

    Even though I already knew the outcome, I still cheered and cried.

    I love this team, the show.

    Go Red Dragons!