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I will not be taking questions.
  • Putting the roll on backwards doesn't stop my cats. I have to have a towel draped in front of the roll.

  • A supportive husband
  • This is why, if I ever develop a game, I won't use the letters or symbols on the buttons. I'll show a set of four buttons, with the one that needs pressed highlighted.

  • Someone call CPS.
  • Yeah, but didn't Kurt Russell and James Spader nuke the ship?

  • Senate GOP blocks bill to guarantee access to contraception
  • False convictions happen all the time.

  • Study Says That People Who Like Loud Exhaust Are Psychotic
  • The right to swing your arm ends where it would hit my face. You like the vroom vroom noises? Nobody cares. You make the vroom vroom noises in the middle of a neighborhood with a bunch of bystanders around who were minding their own business? Everyone cares. I experience physical pain from loud noises. They don't just annoy me. They HURT. I'm that sensitive to noise. Keep your roaring shitbucket out in the boonies where the sound won't knock me over.

  • HTTP Cats
  • This is hilarious.

  • Russia Declares War on ‘Mediocre Actor’ George Clooney
  • So, Kevin Conroy's ghost is going to haunt Putin?

  • Liberals don't want you to google this
  • It's a link to the website's front page, not the offending images.

  • Mexico is so hot that monkeys, birds and bats are falling dead from trees
  • How do you sacrifice 16/25ths of a person?

  • Deflated Trump Likens Himself to Mother Teresa as Jury Deliberates
  • Complete piece of shit compares himself to a complete piece of shit. Okay.

  • 📄 rule
  • power in mice

    Hamsters, not mice. Get it right.

  • Edison
  • In my family it was variations of "Hello, Joe's whatever. Insert rhyme here."

    One of my favorites was "Joe's mortuary, you stab 'em we slab 'em."

  • Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay $120000 within 24h
  • True, and this time "The House" wasn't the casino.

  • Every base is base 10
  • Or use ancient scripts like Phoenician or Glagolitic.

  • Every base is base 10
  • There are still 20 more letters that can be used as stand-ins. Things will get interesting if you try to go past Base 36, though.

  • Every base is base 10
  • Base 16 is typically represented with letters being used as the extra numerals, so it would end up being F+1. Problem solved.

  • Minimalism
  • I don't know. Laptop seems a bit small. I'd be having typos all the time with that setup.

  • Goddess of Blorange

    I've been on a bit of a blue/orange spree recently, and I really like how this one turned out.

    Process: On a whim, I downloaded this image from another Artbreeder user:


    In GIMP, I duplicated the image into four layers and used Gradient Map to have a version in black/orange, white/orange. black/blue, and white/blue, and selectively erased bits of each layer until I was satisfied, ending up with this:


    Finally, I fed that back into Artbreeder, messed with my prompt, added noise after a few rolls didn't go the way I wanted, and ended up with this input:



    Whatever makes you happy, you put in your render.

    Rendered for AB's Embroidery contest. Screenshot of inputs:


    For the Bob Ross, I took a previous render, loaded it into GIMP, slapped a frame over it, and cut out the corners. Then I saved it and uploaded it back into Artbreeder. The wood was a stock image of some cutting boards that I found with Artbreeder's internal search feature. I cut out what I wanted and stretched it to fit the canvas as my background.


    Have a go at this!

    Rolled this earlier today on Artbreeder when I was trying to make portraits of wholesome fellows in this style. Decided to share it here.


    This image: !

    Prompt: steve irwin, crocodile hunter, watercolor by kentaro miura, norman rockwell, stanley artgerm, vibrant pastels, crocodiles in background.

    AI: 71, Steps: 30, Guidance: 12, Seed: 33, Model: SDXL, Mode: img2img

    I also rolled some Carl Sagan, Bob Ross, and Fred Rogers images.


    Sword of friendship!

    Generated for Artbreeder's sword contest. I'm pretty happy with it, so I thought I'd share.


    You better watch out!

    You're on the naughty list, and Santa craves human flesh. Rendered with SDXL on Artbreeder.


    He sees you when you're sleeping...

    Rendered 6 days ago on Artbreeder and upscaled just moments ago.


    Enjoy a bit of creepy

    I felt like doing some creepy eyes yesterday. SDXL on Artbreeder.