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Another One Of Russia’s Nuclear-Proof Transports Just Got Blown Up In Ukraine
  • I know I was assuming that the Russians claimed that they were nuclear bomb proof, at least for the 30 seconds that I knew about them before I read this thread. Seeing the picture I didn't believe that they were in in actuality.

  • Pope Francis again uses slur for gay priests in the Vatican: Italian media
  • People keep focusing on the slur and his apology. The context of what he is saying wouldn't be any better if he used an acceptable word for gay people. Either way, both times, he was saying that there are too many gay priests and that he wishes that there were less of them. This is bigoted regardless of the specific words used.

  • Join the movement today
  • When I was a kid I came up with a name for the group that snuck in and set up those signs, "Polite People for the Cessation of Byway Maintenance". They always put their protest signs up a respectful distance away and always just the one in each direction, thus the polite people part.

  • Pope uses homophobic slur in meeting with bishops — reports
  • So, instead of saying, "Catholic seminaries were already too full of [bundle of sticks]" instead he meant to say that "Catholic seminaries were already too full of homosexuals". I'm not sure fixing the one word helps his message or is actually even the problem.

    The term he used is being censored on here so I used a substitute.

  • Who has 2 thumbs and just finished his 5th watch through?