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I wish I knew another language
  • You're the one that originally said that Anglo-Canadians didn't realize how racist they are toward French-Canadians, not me. All I'm doing here is agreeing with you, and adding that French-Canadians do realize how racist they are, because for them it's literally a matter of widely supported, highly publicized government policy in addition to being a deeply-ingrained cultural chip-on-the-shoulder.

    You can either take our lived experience at face value and gain some perspective, or you can continue to bury your head in the sand. Either way I'm tired of yet another Quebecer gaslighting me about how good I have it here, so I think I'm done. Bonne nuit.

  • I wish I knew another language
  • I've been here two years, so my family is right in the middle of the "get fucked" zone in basically every possible way for the foreseeable future. (This also includes being repeatedly denied permanent residency that we would automatically be granted if we lived 50km west of where we do, i.e. in Ontario. According to the HR director at my company, after the passage of the law Immigration has started an unofficial policy of putting residency applications that otherwise have enough points to qualify but don't speak French directly into the "reject" pile.)

    I appreciate you taking time to provide the links and advice though.

    I'm definitely not saying that French-Canadians have it better in the rest of Canada and that has never been my argument -- I completely agree with your original comment that Anglo-Canadians are unintentionally racist toward French-Canadians, but my original comment is also 100% true, that French-Canadians are instead intentionally racist toward English speakers.

  • I wish I knew another language
  • The only places where you’ll have a hard time getting service in English is in rural regions very far from major city centers.

    This just shows that you either don't live here or are a French-speaker and therefore don't see it (which is ironic given your initial comment). In Quebec City I've been refused service in French for even asking about service in English.

    Which is still lower than the price it costs for out of province students to go to school in other provinces

    Where are you getting this info? Most of the sources I can find show that most Quebec students pay rates comparable to in-province students across Anglophone Canada. Quebec seems to be the only one actively legislating discriminatory policies here.

    One of either parents needs to have went to school in English

    We both went to school in English, but it's still illegal for us because we're immigrants. Trust me, we've checked, and the fact that you automatically jumped to assuming that I'd even know where to find an "anti-French journal" speaks volumes about your perspective on this conversation.

    Edit: I just realized you probably meant "newspaper" here. I get all of my info about stuff like this from the government website, and from calling government services to make sure I fully understand my (lack of) rights.

    Fear mongering by English media and not the reality? Who would have thought? 😱

    I'm not sure how something I have to deal with on a weekly basis is fear mongering. The problem with your source there is that to be seen at any of those facilities I first have to go through RAMQ, and literally every time I call RAMQ I have to declare, under penalty of perjury, that I'm legally entitled to use English in order to use it, and again, I'm not legally entitled to use it because I'm an immigrant, so I have to stumble through MY FUCKING HEALTHCARE in a language I don't speak fluently, when they literally have service available in the language but just refuse it to me for prejudicial reasons.

    By this point it's clear that you have no interest in opening your eyes to the realities that many English speakers face in Quebec, possibly for the nationalistic reasons that led to these (increasingly severe) discriminatory policies in the first place, so I see little reason to continue this conversation.

    For everyone else following this convo, just keep in mind that linguistic discrimination can happen to English speakers just like it can to other languages (though in aggregate English obviously still holds a place of privilege relative to most other languages). And if you're reading this and you're lucky enough to have voting rights in Quebec, please vote for candidates that support non-discriminatory language policies.

  • I wish I knew another language
  • They do that by bending backwards and talking English whenever there’s an Anglophone present no matter if they’re the only one in a group of ten that doesn’t speak French fluently

    Sure, if you're lucky enough to be on the south side of Montreal and literally nowhere else.

    They do that by having the biggest college and university in Quebec be English ones (the latter being the third richest in Canada)

    They're so generous that they just doubled tuition for out-of-province students, a clear attack on their English-speaking institutions, and one so severe that many programs at these schools will have to cut up to 25% of their course offerings to make up the budget shortfalls. Clearly they're throwing their full support behind their internationally-acclaimed English institutions.

    They do that by being more bilingual

    Lol, again, sure, if you happen to live in the southern half of Montreal, maybe. And that's not counting the huge number of people who clearly speak English but refuse to do so for nationalistic reasons. I know literally zero French-speaking Anglo-Canadians who show similar behavior.

    They do that by never having prevented them from learning their language in school contrary to what happened to French Canadians outside Quebec

    It is literally illegal for me to send my two kids to an English-speaking school right now, so you can go peddle that crock of shit to someone who doesn't have to deal with Quebec's language bullshit on a daily basis. And that's not even to mention Quebec's abysmal record, both historically and recently on first nations language policies.

    (By the way, it's also illegal for me to try to seek healthcare in English in Quebec now too. Just another fun fyi for ya.)

    Fucking French Canadians and their hate for the english language! Truly they’re bigots all of them!

    This, but (mostly) unironically.

  • What is your favourite type of pizza? 🍕
  • Domino's pan, double cheese, light sauce, extra pepperoni. I've tried deep dish in Chicago, New York style in New York, traditional pizzerias in Italy, and countless overpriced "craft" places from all over North America, and nothing I've tried even comes close.

  • How to easily create a mirrored keyboard layout/layer that can be accessed with the Alt keys?

    Inspired by this post by Randall Munroe.

    I want something that does basically the same thing - mirror the keyboard's letter and common punctuation keys - but while pressing either of the Alt keys instead of using CapsLock. Also, I use Dvorak, not QWERTY.

    I'd rather use my thumb as the modifier so that reaching the shift key in addition to the modifier key doesn't mess with my finger movement too much, and this way I'll be able to type one-handed with either my left or right hand. Also, I never use any of the Alt shortcuts that use the letter/punctuation keys, so getting rid of those shortcuts won't be a problem

    Any ideas on how this could be accomplished? I'm on Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon (but also have a Mint MATE laptop that I'd like to replicate this on, if possible).

    Edit: All I've tried so far is checking the keyboard layout options to try to turn off Alt shortcuts activating the top bar of applications, to free them up for the shortcuts I'd need, but no luck so far.

    MiniPCs hakase

    RetroGameCorps: MinisForum EM780: Amazingly Tiny 7840U PC!

    Not a lot of spec specifics, but a good review from a retro gaming angle.