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I installed Windows 10 in a virtual, this is straight up dystopian.
  • I have to agree. I used to play Rainbow 6 with my friends. I enjoyed it, because I was addicted to gaming and they were the only friends I had. After I switched to Linux, I couldn't play R6 online, which led to them... well... not being friends with me anymore. I'm glad I got out, because if the only thing keeping them being friends with me were the all-nighters of Rainbow, there was no friendship to speak of (I knew these people offline, not just online). After this I eventually stopped gaming completely, not because of a few very minor compatibility issues, but because I realised how much time I was wasting gaming.

    So essentially, not only did Linux help me get back control of my computing, but it also completely eradicated my gaming addiction and helped realise what functioning relationships look like, since I even started socialising more. An absolute bargain!

  • good luck little buddy, see you in 5 years
  • Wow, that's super useful! I don't have thousands of hosts, but even with a dozen, it would save me so much time. Why have I never thought of doing this? Thanks for the idea! (now I just need a few lonely evenings configuring the thing)

  • Problem with Mull and Duolingo
  • This is definitely the case, but I wonder why companies don't add a button, such as "Access website without support", that would get you to the site while clearly telling you that any technical problems (of which, in 99% of cases, there will be none, since all of this seems like supporting Google internet dominance) will be ignored by support.

  • Tails 5.22 Enhances File Access and Persistent Storage Repair
  • Your phone cannot be used as a USB by itself. Both the phone and the computer must have an OS running on them already to utilize the MTP protocol, which allows you to transfer files between them.

    Edit: A possible approach:

    Warning, this is not secure and kind of defeats the point of Tails!

    In this scenario, the only way to boot Tails from a phone would be to first boot a different OS on the computer, plug the phone in and mount it using the MTP protocol, then boot a virtual machine image stored on the phone with QEMU or similar.

  • Safest way to run pirated games?
  • Very good solution. However, what benefit does the user get by formatting the drive every time a new game is to be installed? I mean, the thing already doesn't have internet access and no important data is on the drive anyway. Am I missing something?

  • Καταστήματα δίσκων στην Αθήνα

    Γεια σας, θα πάω στην Αθήνα του χρόνου και θα ήθελα πολύ να αγοράσω μερικούς δίσκους. Θέλω όμως παλιούς ελληνικούς δίσκους, από Μίκη Θεοδωράκη και τέτοια. Ποιο μαγαζί μπορείτε να μου προτείνετε; Θα μείνω μόνο λίγες ώρες, οπότε ιδανικά κάτι κοντά στο Σύνταγμα, ή κοντά σε στάση του μετρό.

    Σας ευχαριστώ :)


    Windows parental controls not removed by reinstall

    Hello everyone,

    a friend of mine recently bought a second-hand laptop but, as we soon discovered, the seller left parental controls on it. The computer locks itself at a set time every day and doesn't allow the user to log back in.

    So I tried to help. I created a bootable USB with Windows 10, wiped the disk in the computer and reinstalled. Thinking I had solved the problem, as an OS reinstall should, in this case, I gave it back to my friend. I just received a message from her, that the laptop just locked itself again.

    Why is this happening? Are the parental controls somehow tied to a unique identifier, such as the built-in Windows activation code or similar? And, most importantly, how do I remove them?

    Thanks a lot :)