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Indignity, disease, death: The life of a sewerage worker in Pakistan
  • Millionaire in the making, right? Working hard pays off, right? Folks always ready to suggest they deserve large payouts because they work hard don't appreciate the amount of factors outside their control that allows them to think it's all on them. Were they born in Pakistan they'd sing a different tune

  • Just use it. Now.
  • I had issues with Manjaro and WiFi disconnecting. Also, Manjaro dropped hardware acceleration for video codecs. Eventually got too annoyed to deal with the Manjaro direction and moved to EOS. Everything is working fine barring a script to get the headphones volume to work (recognised as bass speaker in alsa paths). So far, EOS has been the set and forget type of OS for me.

  • Just use it. Now.
  • Windows runs my laptop harder, uses more battery and the fans are spinning a lot of times whist it runs almost silent in Linux. I've settled on EndeavourOS which has given me a headache-free experience for my hardware (lenovo yoga pro 7 7840hs). Only keep widows for BIOS updates otherwise I'd have nuked that hodge podge of software melange.

    If you're really set on windows you could try tiny11 to remove most of the bloat.

  • [Monaco GP] Ocon tries a move on Gasly, they have contact. Ocon is the one in the air.
  • Very on-brand for Ocon. Seems more interested in protecting his fragile ego whenever a teammate out qualifies him than playing the team game. In Monaco, this is evidence that there's no limit to human stupidity. Outdid KMag on brainless decision.

  • UK Prime Minister to create ‘smokefree generation’ by ending cigarette sales to those born on or after 1 January 2009
  • The efforts should be placed on the aspects that have greater impact on health. Focusing on cigarettes when alcohol has a much larger impact seems an odd prioritisation.

    Also, banning something doesn't mean that the problem is solved. Drugs aren't allowed but it's easier and cheaper to pop a few happy pills on a night out than it is to drink until oblivion.

    This seems more a chest pumping measure to score cheap political points. There's no political will to tackle the bigger and more important problem as it requires additional skill and likely to be less popular.

    I'm all for reducing smoking but this is unlikely to achieve any meaningful change. Happy to be proven wrong though.


  • UK Prime Minister to create ‘smokefree generation’ by ending cigarette sales to those born on or after 1 January 2009
  • The intention is meritable. As usual, Tories misunderstand how to achieve the stated objective. They'll be creating a secondary market whereby those born before 2009 will supply cigarettes to those born after 2009... for a fee of course. Party of business and entrepreneurialship.

    Also, drinking yourself into a stupor seems to be socially acceptable in the UK whilst the cost is much larger.

    Cigarettes were already heavily taxed in the UK anyway. The relative share of smokers is much lower compared to places like France.

    If the goal is to improve everyone's well-being, is this the best way to achieve it?

  • Ubisoft Is Taking Away Your Games...
  • Yeah, completely agree. YouTube commodified a certain style, people tend to copy it even when they're not great communicators, and the whole excitement akin to a Labrador salivating is quite undignified.

  • Dell is so frustrating
  • Bought a Yoga Pro 7 7840HS 32GB 1TB. Everything works fine in Linux. Battery does 8-10h on full charge, good build quality, no issues with any parts. Running EndeavourOS after had some minor issues with Manjaro, WiFi connecting 1 minute after booting and some weird disconnects after a while. No such thing in EndeavourOS.

    Running idle with minimum brightness, Bluetooth off, WiFi connected and keyboard backlight turned off consumes minimum 3.6W. Got it less than $900 around 4 months ago.

  • People who generalize as if the US is one government instead of one big inept government and then 50+ governments that have districts and counties and cities are aggravatingly ignorant and smug.
  • Given the diversity of 50+ states, find me one that values human life of fellow state members with centrally provided healthcare so they're not left to choose between bankruptcy or life, views education as a public good and access to it has a low barrier to access it, doesn't have for-profit prisons or has a network of public transport infrastructure that relies on a system of trains or trams?

    My country had wars with it's neighbours from single digit centuries. Comparing differences in Europe to the US states is like comparing McDonald's differences with local cuisine refined over centuries.

    With so many differences where can I find social values that are comfortable with pederasty as in ancient Greece?

    Knowledge is almost free nowadays. Reading history of countries offers a fascinating perspective of how we got here. For better or worse, the US is pretty homogenous in its value system, religious beliefs, political beliefs and language.

  • Signal and Threema want nothing to do with WhatsApp
  • Thanks for explaining. It's interesting and outside metadata there could be a case for data being secure. However, this is the same company that lied and got fined in the EU when they asserted that they wouldn't be able to link WhatsApp and Facebook identities. This allowed the merger to happen. Security and privacy being something that the average Joe doesn't care that much, it wouldn't be too much of a negative impact when they already have so much bad press on other matters. Finally, from an ethical perspective, I'll give this corp a miss. Values don't really align with my personal ones even if privacy and security were beyond reproach.

  • Signal and Threema want nothing to do with WhatsApp
  • Thanks. Haven't used them in like a decade so things seem to have changed. At the time, new phone meant your messages transferred automatically.

    At the same time, even if Facebook requires a backup for the messages to show up, as the app is close sourced, how would one know for sure whether the app doesn't harvest the private key anyway?

  • Signal and Threema want nothing to do with WhatsApp
  • Thanks. I stand corrected. I was one of those that paid $1 for life when WhatsApp was a new kid on there block but haven't used it since news broke that Facebook acquired them like a decade ago. At the time, you had a new phone, your messages would transfer. Dunno how it is today after all those years but seems to be similar to Signal.

    Based on the stories coming up on Facebook and their lack of moral / humane boundaries I still won't trust them not to have access to a private key when their app is so invasive. Their whole model is based on behind the curtain trafficking.