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> ...Wyrms pull bugs into their thrall,<br>Till ages pass and kingdoms fall,<br>Caps and shells may fall to dust,<br>But Mr. Mushroom readjusts...

here for math and (possibly) boardgames.

kindness must be reciprocated.

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Parent/Child Height Relationships - Regression toward the Mean
  • yes, 928 children and 205 parents it seems.

    wonder how the trend shown here has changed in almost 150 years...

  • Is there another way to do it...?
  • Back in the game are you, James Soterton?

  • Beans
  • cam someone spoon-feed me this meme? i don't get it.

  • It is very therapeutic to garden, though.
  • how/where do tests for soil are made? didnt know i had to check for that here in Mx.

  • Moon dust
  • what'd be the smallest sample size that would yield a relevant result?

    30? 1000?

  • cowabunga
  • maybe it'd be better modeled by a 3d spiral? I'll hit up Desmos if I remember my polar coordinates right.

  • cowabunga
  • The™ best™ question™, and applicable to pretty much all topics, too!