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Wondering if using ProtonVPN in a VPN chain is an issue.
  • What do you gain by doing this? I trust both proton and mullvad to not fuck up their encryption so attackers can't read your traffic even through one VPN. The second one doesn't offer additional security here.

    In your setup, proton will only know you use mullvad but not know which sites you visit in the end. Mullvad knows everything just the same as without proton. So the outer VPN doesnt add privacy either.

    If you are suspected of a crime, forcing mullvad to disclose your identity/IP is enough and proton doesn't help.

    If you are worried about traffic correlation analysis, then yes 2 VPNs will help. But honestly for normal usage I don't see the point of 2 VPNs.

    And about the DoS fear. Just do it the other way round? Mullvad on the router, proton on the device? From protons perspective you produce the same amount of traffic, it just comes from a mullvad server. The outer VPN is the one where you have increased traffic due to 2 VPNs. But I am pretty sure neither will be a problem and tunneling a VPN through a VPN is not a TOS violation

  • Ende der Zeitarbeit - was heißt das für die Grillsaison?
  • Was für ein bescheuerter take... kann auch nur aus Deutschland kommen. Dann ist das Schweinenackensteak halt 1-2€ teurer. Ja und. Ist immer noch 5€ billiger als es sein müsste wenn für Arbeiter, Natur und vor allem die Tiere faire Bedingungen herschen würden.

    Iss halt ne Scheibe Brot zu deinem Fleisch. Oder ... Gott bewahre ... grill eine Aubergine und ein Erbsen-Protein Schnitzel...

  • I'm in!
  • You DONT want to turn it off. Digital forensics work WAAAAAAY better if you have a memory dump of the system. And all the memory is lost if you turn it off. Even if the virus ran 10h ago and the program has long stoped running, there will most likely still be traces in the RAM. Like a hard drive, simply deleting something in RAM doesn't mean it is gone. As long as that specific area was not written over later it will still hold the same contenta. You can sometimes find memory that belonged to a virus days or even weeks after the infection if the system was never shut down. There is so much information in ram that is lost when the power is turned off.

    You want to 1: quarantine from network (don't pull the cable at the system, but firewall it at the switch if possible) 2: take a full copy of the RAM 2.5: read out bitlocker keys if the drive is encrypted. 3: turn off and take a bitwise copy of the hard drive or just send the drive + memory dump to the forensics team. 4: get coffee

  • How old is the oldest building in the town you live in?
  • The western hemisphere isn't just the Americas. It includes half of europe...

    There are quite a few people in the western hemisphere that don't even bat an eye when they walk past a 1000 year old building on their way to work every day.

    For me the oldest building is just a random house from the 13 century.

  • The Internet is weird
  • No. It's not a magic invisibility field inside. It's a magic object that works only on living "intelligent" creatures. It also doesn't work the same on different races. Only humans (hobbits are a subtype of human in Tolkiens lore) turn invisible. And because it's magic it also turns their clothing etc invisible. So either Frodo and his poop is invisible or nothing is.

  • Why Your VPN May Not Be As Secure As It Claims
  • I have set it up in a way where all the packets have to go through their VPN and if they don't, they get dropped before they leave my PC.

    That is the function of a firewall and not of the VPN. As I understand portmaster it does both. But that is not normal VPN behavior.

    VPNs are not magic. They are a piece of software that encrypt traffic and send it to a special server. They do that by creating a virtual Internet connection (think like pluging in an additional Ethernet cable or connection to an addition WiFi at the same time). Everything that is sent through the virtual connection is encrypted. Your system now has (at least) two valid Internet connections (one real and one virtual). For every packet it sends it needs to decide which connection it should send it from. This is decided by something called the routing table. When you start the VPN it will put two routes into the table.

    • traffic going to the VPN server goes through the real connection (so the encrypted VPN traffic is routed correctly)
    • everything else goes through the virtual connection (the VPN tunnel where it gets encrypted)

    The attack described is a way how a network router can add a new route into your devices routing table to basically override the second route from the VPN. The route is still there, there just is another one that has a higher priority.

    A VPN is not the ultimate authority over your network traffic. It is just another program sending and recieving taffic.

  • I'll never understand this kind of mindset.
  • There is a famous experiment , where a person gets 100$, and have to offer an arbitrary percentage of that to a stranger. If the stranger declines, both get nothing.

    From the strangers perspective, getting offered even 1$ is a win, but the vast majority rejected anything below 30%

  • Dropbox dropped the ball on security, haemorrhaging customer and third-party info.
  • By design nothing in the chain can be altered. But of course you could have a block indicating "person X is now person Y". But you can always read that Y was at some point X (and at what point the change happened). That would not be good, as it would be a public ledger of all trans people. It would also make things like witness protection impossible because inserting a block "today in 2024, person W was born in 1974" is very suspicious

  • If we took material like rock from space and got it back to Earth enough times, would Earth grow as a planet?
  • > energy equals mass

    That doesn't mean energy has a weight.

    It means it is physically possible to transition energy to mass and vice versa. Sunlight hitting the earth does not add any weight.

    Edit: turns out that part was wrong

    Also, earth radiates heat out to space. At a rate of (aaaaaaaaalmost, because of the greenhouse effect) 100% of the energy we get from the sun. If it didn't, earth would be a few million degrees hot by now...

  • What're some of the dumbest things you've done to yourself in Linux?
  • Can't remember exactly what happened but it involved changing permissions on /bin /sbin and similar. You know for security ...

    In the end I didn't have permissions to run chmod, su or sudo

    Fortunately there is little that can't be fixed by booting from a live image.

  • Shoppers prefer 'vegan' food labels to 'confusing' plant-based terms, according to new survey
  • A "meat-based" patty isn't 100% meat either. There might me onions, flour, egg, salt, spices, etc. "plant-based" is a term that just tells you "most of it is noch meat" and so you have to check the ingredients making it a pretty useless term.

    Also fuck everybody who makes a meat-alternative-food that isn't vegan because they added 1% of some shit...

  • UDP Tunneling solution recommendations
  • If you want any system to connect to you, you need to open a port. You don't need to do that for outgoing connections (the OS and your router will automatically open ports for the return connection). So if everybody connects to one central system, nobody needs to (explicitly) open any ports (except for the central connection point)

  • UDP Tunneling solution recommendations
  • Most VPNs use UDP. So set up a wireguard, tailscale or openvpn.

    But you still need to "open up the firewall". UDP still works on ports the same way as TCP. I do agree however, that exposing a VPN port is more secure than exposing a port for a game server, as you don't know about the security of that server software.

  • what a joke
  • Which makes breaking up with him a good thing... Dating him is probably a very high paying job even if it is a shit job.

    (I know literally nothing about the women or her relationship to musk)

  • Put a ring on it?
  • Exactly. Bilbo had the ring for 50+ years and he never used it to get more money fame or power. Because neither interested him. He used it in the end to disappear because he wanted his peace and solitude.