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Why is compact mode 'not supported'?
  • I remember when compact was hidden - apparently this was a change driven by telemetry. It was possible that there's an overlap between those who use compact and those who turned off telemetry. I wouldn't be surprised if something similar also occurs with Pocket being left on too.

    If compact breaks in a future update, it'll probably be removed altogether. At that point, best option would be userchrome customisation.

    IIRC, this change was made ahead of the impending UI overhaul. This combined with the Windows 11 getting bigger touch-friendly UI elements understandably didn't sit well with many people.

  • These are the problems you're facing on Linux, and I'm baffled!
  • Not really. Most recommend Framework because their laptops are open to the point where third parties can make random peripherals that fit the expansion ports. They have a page to help with choosing a distro for their hardware as well. It's great to see this level of open-ness and repairability in a laptop. Naturally, Linux users gravitate to such a brand.

    System76 leverage their own distro, Pop!_OS as a selling point for their laptops, as they have some degree of control over the hardware and software.

    The other maker I'd recommend is Tuxedo Computers who also maintain their own distro for hardware they sell.

  • Do you play non-steam games?
  • Not a SD user, but a desktop gamer who found your post. I wouldn't be surprised to see people on the fediverse say they often play games outside of Steam.

    The non-techy people I know treat the thing like a console and refuse to use desktop mode for games. That's the catch of the Steam Deck. It runs Linux underneath, but most people never (want to) interact with it. I love it for what it does for Linux gaming but there's more to PC gaming than just Steam - Although I'm aware that Steam probably underprices these with hopes to recoup the loss back on Steam purchases.

    (Also your method isn't really hacky, that's just kind of how binary executables work in Linux, plus the steps to add it to Steam)

  • Love me some arbitrary executed code /s (Plasmoids are not themes)
  • I remember in XP, Vista and 7 using the UXtheme dll mod to get third party themes. First the loss of the sidebar then the drop-off of themers. I skipped 8 and by 10 I'd had enough. Didn't really come back to theming until I made the jump to full-time Linux in 2022. Theming support being there by default in KDE is amazing. I miss the 2007-2018 themes but Oxygen keeps me happy for now.

  • Final Fantasy Maker Square Enix Takes $140 Million Hit in ‘Content Abandonment Losses’ as It Revises Game Pipeline - IGN
  • TBH I don't really mind a change in gameplay for FF7 or FF16. I don't mind alternative story direction or action combat. But I'm not a purist and my favourite was FF12 so I guess purists consider my opinion invalid... LOL

    FF7R being divided up into multiple releases and sold individually has caused me to just wait it out and buy later. Surely I'm not the only one. I'm also a PC gamer, so sometimes I can't buy even if I wanted to and it just slips from my mind. Oh well.

  • Linux Distros Evolution - January 2024 Update: Pop!_OS in Decline?
  • Makes sense to me. I'm a Pop! user since 22.04 and the wait is painful, although the blog posts definitely help a bit. Currently I have no problems but if something breaks I'll try out Nobara I guess. My /home is already partitioned so I can make that hop with minimal loss.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I miss Vista. There's nothing out there that replicates that feeling of booting it for the first time. Especially after years of XP... I got lucky though, I didn't get on board until after SP1 had released so it wasn't too bad and my laptop was above recommended spec for Home Premium.

  • Has anyone had any luck with Dodi repacks on Linux ?
  • Looking at SteamDB, it looks like it checks VC2015 is installed. So you'll want to check if your bottle has at least one of: vcrun2015, vcrun2017, vcrun2019 or vcrun2022. It's pretty likely that's a required dependancy.

    It also installs "DirectX Jun 2010 Redist" which installs or updates a bunch of libraries, I think most if not all of these can be installed to your bottle too. I don't know which are required but it's a place to start.