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Hypothetical Game Ideas
  • I've always wanted a battlefield like 40k experience. To be a little guardsman who gets krumped by the greener faction, or eaten by nids or spikies.

    I've also been really enjoying games that are controlled with programming (the farmer was replaced has been a fixation recently). So I'd really like to make something like that. Like old school RuneScape, but the only way to play is to program a bot.

  • Fucking Trudeau
  • I had some Ben and Jerry's dairy free made from sunflower oil recently. Fucking amazing, better than ice cream I thought. But the oatly stuff is pretty good too. Anyone know how this haagen dazs tastes?

  • What fiction or fantasy battle deserves a Sabaton song?
  • As a 40k fan, there are so many good ones (as comes as a surprise to no one). Some personal favorites of mine are:

    • Anything from the 3rd war for Armageddon
    • The battle of Hellsreach
    • The invasion of Rin's world
    • Istvan V dropsite massacre
    • And of course the fall of Cadia
  • EarthPorn greedytacothief

    not sure where in alaska

    Not sure how to structure these posts, just trying to share some content. Taken on my phone.