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'Some folks need killing': MAGA candidate praises violence in unhinged church rant
    • Oh, there's no way he said it
    • Ok, I guess he did but it's taken out of context
    • Looks like it's not taken out of context but it was one time when they got excited
    • Ok, there's a history of this kind of rhetoric
    • Well, no one really believes that stuff
    • Ok, this really is a popular opinion
    • I just want lower taxes
  • Edmonton looks to ban sale of bear spray to people under 18 years old
  • I purchased bear spray last year. I had to sign a sheet with my name at the "gun counter" (I have thought of it like this as a kid) and it included basic contact info but the person did not verify the info.

    I offered to show my ID and was told it would be checked when I paid for the bear spray.

    When I picked up the bear spray at the customer service counter to pay, my ID was not checked.

    I am not a teenager or someone who "looks like a criminal" but I would have thought they could at least verify my info. Anyway, hopefully this regulation helps.

  • CNN reports 20-year record low debate viewership
  • And the Dems have tons of footage of Trump spouting crazy nonsense.

    Everyone thought Biden was too old anyway but some undecided voters think Trump is "smart".

    Also, if you immigratted or your parents did, he just called you or your parents rapists, escaped convicts, mental patients, and terrorists.

  • I have chronic sleeping problems therefore I love(d) taking naps but waking up afterwards is absolute hell. What should I do? **Edit: I have found a short-term solution**
  • I have a sleep disorder. I can no longer nap, have alcohol (at all), caffeine after 9am, and so on.

    I also love napping and have napped my entire life when possible until recently.

    Since I can't nap anymore without ruining my sleep I now sit or lay quietly with my eyes closed and just rest. I set an alarm for 5-10 minutes and snooze for a few minutes over and over until I "get up". I never really fall asleep so (reluctantly) ending this rest period is not that hard.

    This doesn't give you that same rested feeling but I can destress, lower anxiety, and so on. This absolutely has led to me sleeping more deeply at night, getting drowsy before bed, etc.

    A little like meditation but mostly just taking a break.

  • A New Era for the Chinese Semiconductor Industry: Beijing Responds to Export Controls
  • You don't have go do nuts with the details, I read the same articles. I'm just saying this is in the process of happening and people are denying the reality in general.


    Example: there's a person in this thread insisting that Chinese people do not have a way to say "yes". It's... weird, to be charitable.

  • Video has been taken of the overpass person throwing stuff at cars Male caught on film throwing objects off Whitemud Drive overpass: Edmonton police

    Police are now investigating nine cases where heavy items, including concrete slabs, have been thrown off Whitemud overpasses, some of them striking vehicles below.

    Male caught on film throwing objects off Whitemud Drive overpass: Edmonton police

    See article.

    > Grainy surveillance footage has captured at least one male hurling items off Whitemud Drive overpasses onto traffic below.


    Persona ttrpg from 1980s

    Can you help me figure out what game this was? I saw it being played a couple times but only for a minute as I wasn't part of the group and just was in the area for few minutes each time (common room at school).

    It was the mid-80s and a group of older students were playing an RPG they referred to as Persona.

    It seemed to not require dice and characters were normal people living in NYC.

    I know a lot of the guys were into d&d (as was I) but some girls were playing that had no rpg experience and liked the game because it was based on discussion and not so rule based.

    I don't recall dice.

    There was a rule book and it had a black and white cover that I think had a guys portrait (neck up, face turned sideways, I think).

    Any ideas?


    Arm and leg flailing in sleep

    Hi, is anyone else experiencing involuntary limb movement in sleep?

    I was put on a Parkinson's drug (small dose before bed) which was effective at first but isn't really working now.

    I'm calling the specialist tomorrow to discuss it but wanted to see if anyone here had a similar issue?


    Noticing a pattern (people who went to SOL Foundation Conference)

    Ok, I have noticed a real tone change in people who were at the SOL Foundation Conference. I've listened to several podcasts where people are recounting their conference attendance experiences and also noticing a shift in both tone and how much background they will divulge.

    • solemn to a person... even Dave Foley was having a hard time with levity

    • on Spaced Out Radio Dr. Michael Masters (did not attend conf. afaik) discussed an abduction experience that he had previously related in a very somber way... sounded like a man who knew this sounded crazy but wanted it out there (is this a mental health crisis or a person who knows his revelation will make sense to everyone soon?)

    " the Good Trouble recount was very serious and Matt Ford discussed how he was involved in getting a document into the congressional record, something he'll cover in a future episode

    • is it just me or have insiders become much more serious lately? It really seems like a change in tone, an increase in sharing details on things they would have only hinted at before, and generally a greater sense if urgency to bring the general public up to speed...


    2 Unveiling the Mystery of “Unseeing” – New Research Sheds Light on Visual Masking Phenomenon

    Delving into the science of a mystifying optical illusion: visual masking. A recent study published in Nature Neuroscience has made significant strides in understanding visual masking, a phenomenon that plays a crucial role in how we perceive, or rather "unsee," things. This study not only illumina

    Unveiling the Mystery of “Unseeing” – New Research Sheds Light on Visual Masking Phenomenon

    I found this article very interesting.

    We have heard reports for a long time about the following:

    • UAP can look different depending on the observer, even when they stand side by side watching the same event
    • some people do not perceive UAP when others do
    • photographs of UAP tend to show things that do not look exactly like what the observers report

    We seem to keep finding aspects of human physiology that would "work with" the types of odd experiences reported by UAP observers (e.g. the DMT effects and our body producing DMT naturally, visual masking, evidence that ESP/telepathy is not only demonstrable but might be innate and can be enhanced by training, etc).



    That UFO Podcast: Steve Bassett; Disclosure update 2023 (Schumer amendment) pt.1

    Show notes: "Part 1 of 2

    Andy is joined by political activist, researcher & Disclosure advocate Steven Bassett to discuss;

    • The Schumer-Rounds amendment
    • Important language within
    • What could be removed without too much harm
    • Impacts of the amendment being shot down
    • Blow to Disclosure process if its watered down
    • Listener Qs & more"

    OP remarks: This really makes me more optimistic that while some changes will be made, the amendment will pass and accomplish it's purpose.


    Seeking to understand speaker phone use in public

    I'm traveling with family this weekend in a touristy place and have been out in public in crowded areas. I am really shocked by the number of people who have loud, personal conversations on the phone in speaker mode. This ranges from walking down the sidewalk, to in line for washrooms, to seated restaurant dining.

    I've heard people say that it's because the phone speaker breaks (for their ear) but I've never had that happen in all the years I've destroyed phones and never had a friend or colleague say that happened. Other people say it's because the glass is cracked and they worry about cutting their face, etc.

    My personal bias is this is inconsiderate but then I ask myself how is it different from talking to a person next to them, say. I'm willing to be change my mind here.

    People who do this, please explain what's going on so I can sleep at night. :)


    ObsidianMD on Lemmy!

    Hi everyone, I couldn't find an ObsidianMD community here so I made one for us to discuss obsidian.