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xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Nope,it's a problem in many other scenarios

    If i ride to vacation to a country with no charging infrastucture, if I want to ride to the mountains where it is subzero and my range drops dramatically, if I go to a place where it's 38 deree celsius and I need AC my range is pretty much fucked up... (not to mention that close to remote places like cool beaches there is no charging station)

    If I want to have a road trip... i suddenly becomes a planning issue

    There are still so many things that are complicated by having a EV, and I don't need the extra complications

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • But that's about the local temperature of the year, it says nothing about the glaciers shrinking or expanding, also if glaciers are shrinking, wouldn't we lose some readings? I mean if the glacier this year is smaller than last year, means that we have lost at least one year readings (most likely much more than that), not to mention that it contradicts that ice gets deposited every year.

    It is my understanding that glaciers expand and shrink seasonally every year, and lately the expansion (if any) is always smaller than the shrinking, but it is a trend that started more than 100y ago (basically since when we started keeping record) and has been accellerating, because of this how can you extrapolate when to start dating in reverse? If you never saw a the, let's call it inflationary phase, how do you know when it reversed? The error might be small... or not

    Is there an error in my reasoning (or my assumptions)? Consider that I am not the only one having this doubts.

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • anyhow do you know the answer? Because I'd have a ton of questions, since the argument is complex and I don't like the hand-wavy argument "well he expert say so"

    Experts, scientists, luminaries in their field were prescribing lobotomies to mentally ills and castrations to gay people less than 100 years ago, so yes please always listen to the experts, but keep doubting their answers

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • If you see the number of down votes, for pointing out something that is worth keeping into account, I'd say that is what is "not allowing"

    I concede that maybe it's just my impression

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • Well reread what I wrote and what you wrote, I think it's pretty obvious

    From saying "if it was shrinking before it might not be related too human activities" you went full "how are you alive in 2024..." And answered as if I was denying the god revealed truth

    That's a Taliban mentality at work, you don't discuss the truth

    If you can't see it, I can't show it to you

    BTW do you have the power to ban me? If you don't then, what are you discussing about silencing and banning?

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • Can you elaborate a bit?

    I know that some icers on the Alps have been shrinking since the last 120 years (more or less since we started measuring them) a bit too early IMO for humans to be the cause, yet the melting has significantly accelerated in the last 30-40 years (which is likely to be correlated to human activities)

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • You are the only dogmatic one here

    I just posed a question, worth thinking about, and you answered with a dogma, which I am not allowed to dispute.

    I am not a denier, but I despise you climate Talibans like any other religious fanatic

  • Beautiful but worrying 🌍
  • Don't worry now we have AI stuff and it will solve all out problems

    AI driven carbon sequestration Temperature reduction with neural networks deep learning

    See? You can relax now, silicon valley tech and the invisible hand of capitalism will solve everything